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In Los Angeles, the Clippers have long been overshadowed by the Lakers, and with good reason. The Lakers have always had the better players, have won more championships (17 to 0) and, in general, have always been the better team. This season however, the Clippers have stepped out of the shadow of the Lake-show and are currently riding a NBA season-high 15 game winning streak, have the best record in the league and perhaps the most electrifying player in the league in Blake Griffin (see video above).

And the fans in LA have taken notice.

So far this season, the average price paid for tickets to Clippers home games listed on has increased by 56% over last season, going from $100 per ticket to $156. The bump in ticket price is not unexpected; Los Angeles loves a winner. What is unexpected though, is how much the Clippers have closed the gap between themselves and the Lakers. Last season, there was a 63% difference in prices per ticket between the Lakers and Clippers; this season, that percentage has dropped to just 14%. Depending on how the remainder of the season plays out, that percentage could decrease even further.

Billy Crystal and Penny Marshall have long been the lone-wolves of celebrity fans for the Clippers, but this season, that has started to change as well. Recently, the entire Kardashian clan was sitting courtside to watch Khloe's hubby Lamar Odom (except Bruce Jenner, who sat hilariously behind them) and then just last night, Justin Bieber sat courtside with Clippers' point guard Chris Paul's son.

The Clips winning-streak won't last forever, but for right now, they are the talk of Los Angeles and the entire NBA.

In 2012, Adele was most-requested for alerts page with alert sign-up box

When we found out last year that visitors to were most interested in getting email alerts for when Justin Bieber, we were hardly surprised. As one of the top artists of the last few years, it always makes sense to see him at the top of pretty much anything (though there's one list he hasn't been topping recently). That he didn't tour stateside last year only helped drum up anticipation.

The same is true for Adele this year. Alert sign-ups for Ms. Adkins accounted for just over 19% of the more than 29,000 received this year. However, I think the reasons for her success are more varied than Bieber. 1) Her tour last year was cut off due to throat surgery; 2) She's the top album seller of the year; and 3) She's riding the wave of the fantastic "Skyfall" track. Due to mostly the first two things, I believe, the demand for Adele to return to the stage is about as high as it can be. I guess the question now is whether Adele will deliver. Nothing has been announced yet, but that doesn't preclude something showing up later into 2013.


New York Knicks continue to dominate NBA ticket sales

The New York Knicks have been mired in mediocrity (or just sheer awfulness) for more than a decade now, never finishing higher than 6th in the Eastern Conference. This season, however, the Knicks have been the surprise team of the NBA, running out to the best record in the conference and second best in the entire league, trailing only the Oklahoma City Thunder. And while Knicks tickets are always popular, when the team is good, that popularity grows to another level.

So far for the 2012-13 season, orders of New York Knicks tickets have accounted for nearly 30% of all NBA orders on, nearly double that of the Boston Celtics, the next closest team. In fact, that is nearly the same percentage of orders as the 25 lowest-selling teams combined.

Percentage of NBA orders on

Knicks games have also always been an attraction for tourists visiting New York City, and orders for tickets have come in from 28 different countries including Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Most international customers came from France, which has actually had more orders than U.S. so far this season.

While the Knicks popularity is evident, they are not the only team that are dominating sales on our site. The top 5 teams in terms of orders (Knicks, Celtics, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers) account for more than two-thirds of all NBA sales.

The newest addition to the group of top selling teams is the Nets, who moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn this past off-season and immediately began to establish one of the most popular brands in the NBA. They now play at the brand-new Barclays Center, which has already hosted two hard-fought games between the Nets and their New York rivals. However, while the Nets may be able to catch the Knicks on the court, it will still be awhile before they catch them in ticket sales.

Taylor Swift is going back on tour, meaning there really was no competition in November. When added together, 65% more tickets were bought for Taylor Swift concerts than the nearest contender, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. She will likely continue to do well for at least the next couple weeks as more shows go on sale.

Meanwhile, TSO tickets are selling even better now that the holiday season is in full swing, and they've been joined in representing the holiday-themed shows by Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Also doing better is One Direction, who is back in the Top 3 after dropping to sixth place last month. Most of the rest of the Top 10 is pretty much the same, just with switched positions. The exception is the one other new event, Disney on Ice: Rockin' Ever After.


Are high prices hampering Rolling Stones ticket sales?

The Rolling Stones image

When The Rolling Stones announced their November and December tour dates one month ago, there was an immediate reaction from some fans that ticket prices were too high. Despite the grumbling, though, tickets sold out very quickly on the primary market.

Back here at, sales were fairly brisk for the first few days tickets were available, but since then there have only been a handful per day. So what happened? Unlike most cases where high prices indicates a high demand for the artist or band's tickets, the prices were initially set so high that it kept casual fans away. When I first looked at the data in late October, the average ticket price was $2,444. Today it is $1,555; that's a drop of almost $900, but it still very high compared to some other artists. For example, Paul McCartney fans were paying an average $287 for tickets listed on when they first went on sale, and more than twice as many sold during the first month as have for The Stones.