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In case you were suffering from Bieber withdrawal, you won't be in pain for much longer. Today Biebs announced the schedule for his Believe Tour, to go along with the release of Believe, his newest album which will drop on June 19. The tour, which begins September 29, is bringing Bieber back to North America for the first time since the end of 2010. Forty-six shows are currently scheduled for Believe through the end of January 2013. Carly Rae Jensen will join the tour as a special guest.

Though he hasn't been on tour in North America since 2010, Bieber has been busy nonetheless. When he's not having his every movement tracked by the media and fans (both would benefit from this flowchart from last year), he's been working. Last year he brought his previous My World Tour to South America, Europe, and Asia. He also released his second full album, Under the Mistletoe, in November.

The U.S. dates are below. Visit the Justin Bieber tickets page to place an order.


Rush announces Clockwork Angels Tour

Today Rush announced it is beginning the Clockwork Angels Tour this fall, the followup to its successful Time Machine Tour, which ran the last two years. The tour is in support of its soon-to-be-released album, Clockwork Angels. It begins on September 7 in Manchester, NH, and ends on December 2 in Houston, TX. Thirty-three shows are currently scheduled.

Judging by previous Rush tours, the new one will likely include all or most of the new album and a healthy selection from the band's huge vault of songs. Clockwork Angels was introduced during the previous tour as album singles "Caravan" and "BU2B" were part of the set. The third single from the album, "Headlong Flight," was also released today.

The tour dates are listed below. Visit the Rush tickets page to place an order.


BREAKING NEWS: *NSync to tour again!

April Fools

After years of speculation and finger-crossing by millions of teen girls (who are probably in their mid-20's now), the popular boy band *NSync has recently announced that they will embark on a 41-date tour that will take them across North America in 2012. The We're Too Old Tour will be in support of a surprise digital album, "Is This Really Happening?", which will be available later today, April 1.

"This could be the biggest tour ever," concert insider April Sciocchi said of the band's first tour since their PopOdyssey Tour in 2002. "*NSync is still bigger than any other band out there right now and fans have been waiting for them to return!"

The group was formed in 1995 but didn't hit it big until a few years later when they catapulted to the top of the musical charts with hits like "I Want You Back," "Tearin' Up My Heart" and "I Drive Myself Crazy." The group will be releasing its newest single "You Wish" later this month.

It has been announced that they will open the tour at Springfield Stadium, home of baseball's Springfield Isotopes, on June 31.

Click Here for Full *NSync Tour Schedule April live events preview

April Events Image

It's almost April, which will hopefully bring some spring weather (without the relapses into winter that filled up March here in CT). April will also bring some pretty great live events, plus April Fools Day, National Welding Month and National Karaoke Week (my favorite!). Check out the preview of April live events below!


Coachella: For the first time, the festival will span two weekends, starting April 13 and going through April 22. Top headliners include Radiohead, David Guetta, Florence and the Machine, Gotye, and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

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Nickelback: Nickelback is teaming up with Bush, Seether and My Darkest Days for their latest tour, which kicks off April 10 in Moline, IL.

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Crosby, Stills and Nash: The trio is back again with a US tour starting April 17, continuing all the way through September.

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Wicked trumps all other Broadway shows for tour sales

I've done several posts lately about Broadway shows, either past or present, and how well or poorly they were/are received. But this week I got a little curious at how well those same Broadway shows do once they go on tour around the country. Which ones are the most popular, and which ones lose their shine after leaving the Great White Way?

2012 Broadway Tour Sales pie chart

So, I compiled some stats. Using sales from sites that use the TicketNetwork® Exchange, I looked up sales so far in 2012 for shows on tour that are currently on Broadway or were on Broadway sometime in the last year, and found 18 shows that fit the criteria. I expected Wicked to top the list, but I had no idea just how dominant it would be! It turns out that Wicked makes up nearly half of all the Broadway tour sales based on total gross dollar amount (see the pie chart at right if you're a visual person). This means that Wicked has made almost as much money on the Exchange in 2012 as 17 other shows put together. Crazy.

As for the rest of the shows, I've put together a list of the top 10 touring Broadway shows in terms of sales, as well as the highest average ticket prices:

 Top Selling Broadway Tours Highest Avg. Ticket Prices
1. Wicked 1. The Book of Mormon $300.72
2. The Lion King 2. War Horse $200.68
3. Jersey Boys 3. Chicago - The Musical $172.25
4. Mamma Mia! 4. The Lion King $153.82
5. The Book of Mormon 5. Wicked $152.07
6. American Idiot 6. La Cage Aux Folles $150.17
7. Billy Elliot 7. Mamma Mia! $142.47
8. Million Dollar Quartet 8. Billy Elliot $139.41
9. War Horse 9. Jersey Boys $137.44
10. Mary Poppins 10. Mary Poppins $135.22

You can see how some shows like The Book of Mormon made the list of top-selling shows even though there are many fewer tour dates currently on sale. That's because the average ticket price is much higher, so the total gross dollar amount adds up quickly. What's even more impressive is that Wicked makes up such a large portion of sales with a lower average ticket price; that means it's sold even more tickets to take in the amount of money it did.

Tell us what you think of these stats in the comments; are they surprising or pretty predictable? And if you're looking for Broadway or tour tickets of your own, check out our theater page.

* As of 3/20/2012 1:00 p.m. EDT.


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