Sunday Morning Cute: Paralyzed Dog Walks With Brace

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Do dog videos belong on entertainment blogs? Yes. Dog videos belong everywhere. Here's an especially cute one to get your Sunday morning going. Spencer the bulldog is paralyzed in his hind legs, so he's never actually been able to go for a walk. But that all changes with a pair of custom braces.

Jimmy Kimmel Creates Another Viral Video with #SochiFail

You may a few months back when a video of a twerking girl who caught on fire made the rounds on the internet. Then we learned that Jimmy Kimmel was actually the mastermind behind the video. It was an interesting experiment in how things go viral. Kimmel and his team simply recorded the video and uploaded it to YouTube and let the internet run wild.

Within a week, the video had amassed more than 9 million views and was featured on news programs across the U.S. including "The View" and "The Today Show." Now, the original sits at 15 million views, with their confession that it was all a joke racking up 18 million views.

Kimmel managed to create another viral video this week — this time, in relation to the Sochi Olympics. Those who have been following the Olympics know that there have been plenty of documented "fails" related to the Olympics. Namely, journalists have complained about the accommodations available in Sochi, even inspiring a twitter account called @SochiFails documenting every way these winter Olympics allegedly "fail."

The latest #SochiFail came from a tweet by luger Kate Hansen.


Yesterday we talked about the success of "The Tonight Show" featuring Jimmy Fallon as its new host. As further proof of Fallon's success, we present to you: Harry Styles.

Okay, so, if you want to get technical about it, this interview features Kristen Wiig as Harry Styles in a hilarious (and slightly strange) bit she and Fallon do. Previously, Wiig has been interviewed as Michael Jordan and it was just as amazing. See for yourself and let us know what you think.

10 Movie Roles that Almost Went to Another Actor

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Last time I did a post like this, I talked about famous television roles that were almost played by another actor (Matthew Broderick as Walter White on "Breaking Bad," for example). This time, let's look at which beloved movie roles were almost played by someone else.

#1 Charlize Theron as Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde"

You probably know Charlize Theron from films like "Prometheus," "Monster" and "Snow White & the Huntsman." In truth, I know her best from her role in "Might Joe Young" — but she was almost the adorably perky, Harvard Law student Elle Woods. Theron was offered the part but turned down the role, giving Reese Witherspoon what's arguably the most memorable role of her career. (Interestingly, there is a rumor Theron also later turned down a lead in "Sweet Home Alabama," which also went to Witherspoon, so props to Theron for single-handedly providing Witherspoon with a career.)


10 TV Roles that Almost Went to Another Actor

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For a lot of us, the television shows we watch aren't just about the stories and the characters, but about the actors and actresses who bring them to life, too. It would be hard to imagine Michael Scott played by anyone other than Steve Carell, or a Ron Swanson than the one Nick Offerman brings to us (and, in fact, I refuse). Yet there are always multiple actors and actresses considered for every role — even if we don't like it.

Here are some TV roles that were almost played by a different actor.

#1 A whole new cast on "Seinfeld"

Despite the roles they've played since, most of the "Seinfeld" cast is still best-known for their role in the '90s sitcom "about nothing." However, Jerry's comrades were almost played by entirely different actors. Rosie O'Donnell, Megan Mulally, and Patricia Heaton all auditioned for role of Elaine, which ultimately went to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Steve Buscemi, David Alan Grier, Paul Shaffer, and Danny DeVito both had their eyes on the role of George Costanza, ultimately played by Jason Alexander. Meanwhile, Tony Shalhoub was considered in place of Michael Richards as Kramer.