Announcing our Twitter pic contest winners!

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We got so many great entries for our Twitter pic contest this week! I had the team vote on all of the entries, and the race was so close that I decided to give out gift card prizes for the top three pictures: $100 for first place, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place. Check out the pics below, and tell us in the comments if you agree with our choices!

First place: @zeina_swq
30 Seconds to Mars
On stage behind Jared Leto at a 30 Seconds to Mars concert

Second place: @TadaTrishThird place: @NYCboxer69
Garth BrooksMeeting a star
Being serenaded by Garth Brooks in NashvilleMeeting a star in person!
TN Team Blog Twitter Contest

Announcing our newest contest! Between now and next Friday, July 29, tweet your best live event pic @TicketNetwork and you'll be entered to win a $100 gift card to

It can be a picture of you and friends at a concert for your favorite artists, a picture of the scoreboard at a baseball game, or anything else that's related to a live entertainment event. We'll pick our favorite and post it on our blog! So start tweeting!

To recap:
--Use TwitPic or a similar service to upload your favorite pic
--Tweet the link to the pic, mentioning @TicketNetwork
--Check back to see if you won!

Complete contest rules can be found here.


NKOTB fans review the band in one tweet


Last week, we challenged our followers on Twitter to review New Kids on the Block in 140 characters or less, and we got a lot of great responses! You can find all of them by searching mentions of @TicketNetwork on Twitter, but I picked a few of my favorites to feature below. How would YOU review them in just 140 characters?

  • @Allijo99: Singing. Abs. Dancing. Abs. Five hot men. Abs.[...] A Wahlberg, 2 Knights, Joe and Danny. Did I mention abs?
  • @jthompson73: NKOTBSB concert was Heaven. A non stop Thrill Ride filled w/Hotness, Great Dancing n Singing, Excitement n LOVE. They ROCKED!
  • @Hollywood732: the @NKOTBSB was AWESOME it was the “boy band” concert of my dreams I felt like a teenager again and loved it
  • @sassycarmichael: As we danced our <3 out @NKOTB my 3 BFF’s & I were reminded that after 22 years, we were still Hanging just as Tough. MAGICAL
  • @MeganDafford: NKOTB can’t be summarized in just 140 characters. It was amazing, and Please Don’t Go Girl made my life complete.
  • @psychobabble5: being a fan since 7th grade and now in my thirties they still are and always will be…PHENOMENAL!
  • @Kimmie0218: Scrumptious
  • @brward131: I went to the NorCal @NKOTBSB concert. It was the most amazing, epic concert ever! One of the best nights of my life!!
  • @emdem0429: best reunion ever. They made that teenage obsession SO worth it. I think we are all having so much more fun this time around.
  • @nkotb_chickadee: How about in 1 word: AMAZEBALLS!
  • @justwrite115: If I could freeze time, I’d have done it 6/3/11 at the @NKOTB concert! Then I’d be stuck in my fave time period-Block Ages!
  • @saxy15: To me @NKOTB is a reputable, loving, down to earth talented group of guys that mean so much to me and my fellow Blockheads.
  • @Glad2BreMe: After 20ish+ years, my best friend & I FINALLY got to see @NKOTB ! It was AMAZING!<3ed the 1st show so much,got tix to a 2nd!

Another chance to win an iPod!

TicketNetwork Twitter

As promised, another Monday brings another question in our month-long iPod touch contest. Comment on the question below to gain another entry into the drawing for a grand prize!

After the death of Osama bin Laden last week, a lot of fake Facebook statuses and comments sprang up, as well as Twitter profiles. With social media today, it’s easy to find instant reactions to major events around the world. But before Facebook began in 2004 and Twitter was launched in 2006, we couldn’t see these reactions.

This week’s challenge is to name a major event in world news or pop culture in 2004 or earlier that you would have liked to see social media’s reactions for. Maybe you’ll see those ideas come to life on this blog in the future! Here’s an example of an entry: “2004: Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at Super Bowl XXXVIII”

Do you Tweet? Tweet the following to enter to win a $100 TicketNetwork gift card:

@TicketNetwork is giving away an iPod Touch on their blog! Go here to enter:

Click here for complete details and rules.


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