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It's Valentine's Day! Hopefully you haven't forgotten — but if you did, there's still time to find the perfect gift for the person you love. Why not go with event tickets? You are already here on, after all...

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Offer valid for standard shipping Feb. 10-14, 2014 on orders of $150+ before service fees.

'Sweet' Deal from This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day deal image

With Valentine's Day just a few days away, it's time to settle on that perfect gift for your loved one! The problem is... what do you get?

If you're scrambling to find the right gift, you're in luck — is offering free standard shipping for all orders totaling $150 or more before service fees, now through Feb. 14 (just in case you like to live dangerously!).

To receive your discount, all you have to do is enter the code TNLUV14 at checkout. Of course, customers who order by phone can take advantage of this discount, too. Just mention the code to your customer service representative.

Were you planning on boycotting Valentine's Day this year? That's cool, too — feel free to use the coupon for tickets you would love to get. Treat yo'self!

Offer valid for standard shipping Feb. 10-14, 2014 on orders of $150+ before service fees.

Things took a strange turn this week in terms of what’s buzzworthy. The list includes a dog named Banana Joe, Valentine’s Day puns, and a weird dance craze. I blame all the sugar we’re consuming.

Banana Joe

A dog with possibly the best name ever was crowned Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York this week. Banana Joe is a tiny black Affenpinscher, who looks a little bit like a miniature Chewbacca. He beat out a Germain pointer, fox terrier, American foxhound, bichon frise, Portuguese water dog, and old English sheepdog to secure his win. I have a tiny dog myself, so I think he’s a cutie!


Valentine's Day reactions from 25 adorable kids

Happy Valentine's Day! To keep you awake through your sugar coma, here are some cute kids discussing the holiday.

The following is a guest article by Rainier Fuclan.

Valentine's Day Football

It can be difficult to make Valentine's Day plans, especially for an amateur Casanova like myself. For years, I was the guy scurrying around the mall on February 14th, desperately searching for a Valentine's gift for my girl. Then, after finding some trinket to throw in a gift bag, I’d frantically dial restaurants and flip through local entertainment magazines improvising a desperate last-minute date plan.

As men around the country can attest, last-minute Valentine's Day plans often result in a one-way trip to the dog house. So, for the last few years, I let the NFL give me a hand in planning the perfect Valentine's Day.

Stay with me, I’m about to make a lot of sense.

Like most of you, when the Big Game rolls around on February 3rd, I'll be parked on the couch anticipating the final hits, picks and scores of the season. But rather than sleeping on that same couch post-Valentine's, I assign myself small tasks to accomplish throughout the day and knock out all of my Valentine’s planning without breaking a sweat.

All you need to remember are a few key times.

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