Seriously cute video of a pep talk from a little kid

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To brighten up your Thursday, here's an adorable kid giving you a pep talk. Impossible not to love.

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If that doesn't brighten your Tuesday, I'm not sure what will. Thanks Allison, for the link!

"Remember, friends, always feel happy of yourself." — Allison's Words of Wisdom

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It was a busy week for everyone this week, but here are just a few of the things that made headlines:


Of course, the biggest event of this past week was the Thanksgiving holiday. A day full of food (and I mean a lot of food) and family get-togethers. Yesterday as a holiday treat, we shared with you the awesomely bad "It's Thanksgiving" music video, but today I figured I would show you the much better "Thanksgiving Song" by Adam Sandler. Enjoy.

Black Friday

As soon as the clock strikes midnight after Thanksgiving ends, people across the U.S. go into shopping mode with the start of Black Friday. Deals from stores across the country have people waiting in lines for hours and fighting through huge crowds in order to get the perfect holiday gift. I suggest waiting a couple days until Cyber Monday, where you can find deals online from the comfort of your own home.

Hostess closes; Twinkies are no more

In perhaps the saddest development of the week, Hostess, the brand that brought you Twinkies, officially went out of business this week. People cleared the shelves of Twinkies in stores across the country in order to get their final fixes of the confectionery treat. Hopefully it won't be too long before someone buys the Twinkie name and brings back the American classic.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

What people are talking about this week: Babies eating lemons!

Ok, so it was a pretty slow week when it comes to doing a "What people are talking about..." post for the day, so I thought: "Why not brighten up everyone's day with a video that brought a smile to my face?" I dare you to try to watch this video without constantly cringing at the thought of eating a lemon. Oh, and then you are brought back to the cuteness of babies.

Happy weekend everybody!

This week we look at a great(est?) Olympian, a boxer taking on Broadway and a disgrace in London:

Michael Phelps Sets Olympics Record

Phelps is perhaps the most recognized Olympic athlete of all-time, but one thing is for sure now, he is the most decorated. He has won a total of 21 Olympic medals in his career and may add a couple more before the London Olympics are over. But what is most impressive is the face that 17 of them were gold. 17! He may end up with more gold medals than anyone else has medals. Truly impressive.

Mike Tyson on Broadway

My favorite answer to a question is always: "Why not?" And you would have guess that the folks on Broadway must have said to themselves after they heard the idea of bringing Mike Tyson there: "Why not?" Iron Mike opened his one-man show this week to mixed reviews, but people will have their chance to be the judge for the next couple of weeks before the show closes on August 12. I attached my favorite Mike Tyson video; I can only hope his show would be half as entertaining.

Badminton Controversy

Eight badminton players were disqualified from the Olympics this week for trying to purposely lose in order to get better seeding in the next round. While doing it is reprehensible and unsportsmanlike, it was pretty entertaining to watch. I wish I could have shown you video of this, but NBC is really strict, so instead enjoy this wonderful stock photo.

Have a great weekend everybody!