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It's Friday again (how time flies!), and with it comes another week of popular stories. Check out our list below:

I'll Have Another

I'll Have Another is the horse who won the Kentucky Derby (at right) as well as the Preakness Stakes, setting him up for a chance to become the first horse since 1978 to win the Triple Crown if he managed to pull out a win at the Belmont Stakes this weekend. But news came this morning that I'll Have Another has been scratched from the Belmont Stakes due to a tendon injury, and a lot of people who don't normally care about horse racing seem to be pretty upset.

America's Got Talent

Many of you have probably seen the "America's Got Talent" audition of Timothy Poe, whose heartwarming story about overcoming a war injury and the resulting stutter to be a great singer was inspiring to everyone. (If you haven't seen it, look right.) But now his story is being questioned, as there is evidence the military photo he used was not his, and there is no record of an injury or a Purple Heart in his service career. If the accusations are true, Poe will have a lot to atone for.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

When are people not talking about Justin Bieber? Today I found a slideshow of JBiebs' most unusual fashion choices; you can defend them if you're a fan, or make fun of them if you're not. It's a win for everyone!

Tiger Woods best shots ever

The U.S. Open Golf Tournament is just under a week away, and all people can talk about is, "How is Tiger Woods going to do?"

In the Memorial Tournament last week, Tiger looked liked the Tiger of a few years ago, charging up the leaderboard on the last few holes to take home the trophy. Along the way, he knocked in an impossible shot (see #3 below) that helped him to victory. If you are a golf fan, you know that he has a huge list of great shots to his name. I decided to put together some of my favorites with video evidence for you. Check it out below:

#5 - 2008 Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill

Sometimes great shots don't have to be flashy, they just need to be clutch, and that is the case with this shot from Tiger. On the final hole of the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, he knocks in the 24-foot putt to win. And, oh yeah, he was 0 for 21 in the tourney on putts longer than 20 feet before that shot.

#4 - 2001 PLAYERS Championship at TPC Sawgrass

The 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass is one of the most famous holes in all of golf. In addition to being surrounded by water, the hole's green is one of the toughest for golfers to read. Still, Tiger makes it look easy.

#3 - 2012 Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Course

The most recent of Tiger's great shots came at the 2012 Memorial Tournament. Down one and in the rough, he knocks in this shot for birdie, which propelled him to the win. Golf great Jack Nicklaus said it was the best shot he has ever seen.

#2 - 1997 Phoenix Open at TPC of Scottsdale

Any time someone puts in a hole-in-one, it's a great shot. But the reason I have it this high on the list is the reaction of everyone in attendance. The fans, his fellow golfers and even the announcers were pumped after the shot went in, and to be honest, 15 years later I still get excited to watch this clip.

#1 - 2005 Masters at Augusta

This shot has the whole package. Biggest golf tournament in the world, incredibly difficult shot, awesome call from the announcers and an awkward high five. Can you ask for anything more?

Tiger has had a lot of other great shots, many without video evidence. Can you think of any that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

What people are talking about this week: viral videos

Today's theme: viral videos! Here's what we've been watching this week:

Boy sleep-eating an ice cream cone

This kid is just adorable. Personally, I'm not really sure how you could fall asleep while eating the deliciousness that is ice cream, but he manages to do it.

6-year-old boy walks to his dad for the first time

How can you not love this video? (Also, how can you not tear up even a little bit?) Most heartwarming video of the week.

Ask a Grown Man with Jon Hamm

In this video, Jon Hamm honestly answers questions posed by women everywhere. It's educational AND entertaining.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Another week is in the books and a lot of news was made this week. Here is just some of the things people couldn't stop talking about:

The Avengers

Ever since the world got its first glimpse of the new movie, "The Avengers," when its trailer premiered last October, the anticipation for it has been growing out of control. It opened today, May 4, so fans will finally get their chance to see if the film meets their expectations. Early reports predict that the movie will bring in a half billion dollars in box office sales worldwide by the end on the weekend. Yikes.

The movie stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson (of course...he's in everything!). "The Avengers" has received a rating of 93% on so far and should be a big hit. After seeing the trailer (on the left), there is no chance that I don't see the movie this weekend.

Cinco de Mayo

This weekend also marks one of the great non-holiday holidays, Cinco de Mayo! Wikipedia describes the day as a date of "celebration of Mexican heritage and pride," but most people just use the day to have a FIESTA!

Junior Seau

The most talked about subject this week though was the unfortunate and untimely death of NFL legend Junior Seau. There is a lot of speculation and unanswered questions surrounding his passing, but one thing nobody can question is his impact on the game of football. He played the game with passion and heart, and if you ask many linebackers in the NFL today, they would say he was their role model growing up. He played for parts of 20 seasons in the NFL, suiting up for the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots. He played his college ball at USC, and they did a great tribute video with him singing and playing the ukulele. It's worth checking out.

Happy birthday, TN Team Blog!

Happy birthday TN Team blog!

Exactly one year ago today, the TN Team Blog was born. So today we're celebrating the blog's first birthday in our offices with cookies AND brownies (for the full debate, see here). In addition, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favorite posts over the past year. Enjoy!

Liz's Favorite: "Funny Flowchart: Do you have Bieber Fever?"

This was Tim's masterpiece way back in June. Not sure if you have the fever? You need this quiz.

Tim's Favorite: "Showdown: Crazy Ballpark Food vs. the Nutritionist"

This was one of our very first posts. Tim and I are still trying to plan a road trip to go get some delicious pulled pork pierogi stackers.

Mike's Favorite: "Athletes in local commercials = embarrassing"

"I have a video production background, so my love for this post comes mainly from the Larry Bird commercial. As you might know, Larry is standing in front of a blue screen, which is used to create a background behind a person while they're speaking or acting. I like to imagine that the producers intended to use the screen to show some kind of snazzy imagery while Bird was giving his endorsement, but weren't able to get it to work on the day of production. They had Larry booked, though, so they couldn't change the shoot location on such short notice. The other commercials featured have just as much fail to them; that dance scene in the Odgen spot is just so random." — Mike

Allison's Favorite: "Video: 5 Cyber Monday shopping tips"

"This special video blog post has everything: Action, intrigue, heartbreak, crates of pears. So even though I really enjoy looking at pictures of Jimi Hendrix in a fanny pack, I'd have to say that the Cyber Monday blog post is my all-time-favorite from the past year." — Allison

Danielle's Favorite: "Bring Back the Pack: A not-so-true history of the fanny pack"

"I especially liked the post about the not-so-true history of the fanny pack because it was hilarious! The images of famous (or infamous) historical figures wearing fanny packs cracked me up!" — Danielle

Erin's Favorite: "These funny Bruins commercials will make you a Bruins fan"

"These are hilarious commercials that appeal to both hockey and non-hockey fans. Gotta love it. Close runners-up: 'Bring Back the Pack: Awesome fanny packs photo gallery' (come on, obviously just because it's awesome and the pics are funny...and you know I'm a life-long fanny pack supporter) and 'What people are talking about this week: One Direction' (as much as I wanted to hate them, I somehow am now their fan club president...not literally, but you know what I mean)." — Erin

What's your favorite post from our first year? And how long do YOU think a blog-year is? Tell us in the comments!