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Harry Potter, the person, turned 33 years old this week, on July 31. Okay, fine, he's not real, but real people (like Simon Pegg) were celebrating his birthday.

Also happening this week: new cover art for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was revealed and J.K. Rowling released Remus Lupin's biography in Pottermore... none of which you probably know or care about unless you like the franchise.

I know, guys: liking "Harry Potter" books and movies is nerdy. Loving it is even nerdier. But I don't care. I'll always be a fan because "Harry Potter" was such a great part of my childhood. Here are 7 reasons why the Harry Potter franchise the best.

1. The books

The "Harry Potter" books got a whole generation of kids reading, and not just a little bit, but hefty, several-hundred-page novels. Harry Potter transformed the literacy rate among young people. If that's not something phenomenal, I'm not sure what is.