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World Series

Hoping to catch a World Series game this year? Be prepared to cough up a pretty penny.

With the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals preparing to battle it out in the Fall Classic beginning tonight, both clubs are already posting extremely high ticket prices on the secondary market. Neither team in the hunt has claimed a World Series title since the Mets did it back in 1986, and those long droughts have sent resale ticket outlets into a frenzy ahead of this year’s series.

Simply put – when losers win, fans break the bank.

According to TicketNetwork, tickets for the 2015 World Series will be some of the most expensive World Series tickets ever sold on the secondary market. Tickets for Mets home games at Citi Field have sold for an average price of $841.33, on That’s pricy, however Royals World Series tickets for games at Kauffman Stadium have sold for $886 per ticket, on average.


World Series 2014: Is Game 2 is a must-win for the Royals?

World Series image

The 2014 World Series began last night with Game 1 in Kansas City. After just five batters, the Giants already had a 3-0 lead and never looked back, taking a one game to none lead in the series. For the Royals, losing the first game of the World Series hurt, but would losing Game 2 be the death-blow to their chances of being crowned champions?

Yes - Game 2 is a must-win for the Royals

No one wants to lose the first two games of a postseason series, but losing them on your home field hurts even more. The Royals have the home-field advantage in the series thanks to the American League's win in this season's All-Star Game (a ridiculous reason, but that's a discussion for a different day), and if they lose Game 2, that will completely blow a great opportunity. San Francisco's AT&T Stadium is one of the toughest stadiums to play in for a road team in Major League Baseball, and winning at least two games there would be a tough task.

Since the league went to the 2-3-2 format for the World Series, there have been 13 teams that lost the first two games of the series at home. Of those teams, eight of them ended up getting swept and only three ended up going on to win the series.


What People Are Talking About

World Series

Of course everyone's talking about the World Series and whether the Red Sox or Cardinals will win. But after last night's game, people are also talking about James Taylor's flub during the National Anthem. Guitar in hands, he started out sounding fine, only he sang the words to "America the Beautiful" instead of the "National Anthem. He caught himself and quickly swapped over after the first few words. James Taylor's flub was particularly inoffensive, so I'm sure it will blow over pretty quickly. Poor dude.


World Series 2013 Schedule Announced

World Series 2013

The Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals will face off in this year's World Series, which starts Wednesday, Oct. 23! There's still time to get tickets to see the action unfold live.

If you'd prefer to watch on TV, here is the full schedule. All games, except game 4, have an airtime of 7:30 p.m., with first pitch happening at 8:07 p.m. Game 4 starts at 8 p.m., with first pitch at 8:15 p.m. Dates and times are subject to change.

World Series 2013 Schedule

Date Game City
10/23 Game 1 Boston
10/24 Game 2 Boston
10/26 Game 3 St. Louis
10/27 Game 4 St. Louis
10/28 Game 5* St. Louis
10/30 Game 6* Boston
10/31 Game 7* Boston

* If needed

I don't know much about sports, but I know things like the World Series are important. So who are you rooting for?