Father's Day Reflections: Len's Story

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This week, the TN Team Blog is celebrating Father's Day by sharing our staff's stories of events they attended with their dads. Want to make your own memories? Check out our Father's Day Gift Ideas Guide for a hand-picked selection of events that Dad is sure to enjoy!

Editor's Note: Today's story was contributed by Len, a member of the TN Team who is a father himself. Happy (early) Father's Day, Len!

Len's Memory

In 1963, I went to see my first live baseball game with my dad. I still remember the feelings I had when I walked into Yankee Stadium and looked at the field and the beautiful green grass.

Every game we went to I had the same excited feeling of looking out at the field where my heroes played. My dad was my hero, too. He introduced me to baseball, and he was even my first Little League coach. Now, every chance I get, I like to take my sons to see the Yankees play.

My experiences with my dad grew into a passion for baseball, and eventually I became a coach for both of my sons. I still go to Yankees games today with my boys, but I wish I would be able to take my dad too. Every time I watch a game, I think of him and all the lessons in life he taught me.

Len Recommends:

• New York Yankees [View tickets]

Happy Mother's Day! (You didn't forget, did you?)

Ah, Mother's Day. The one day we set aside each year to recognize the incredible sacrifices our mothers have made for us...and to apologize for all of the grief we gave them along the way. Wait a minute.... You didn't forget that today is Mother's Day, did you?

OK, don't panic. It's not too late to show her you care. Forget the last-minute bouquet (she'll know it came from the gas station down the street — mother's intuition) and instead try one of these thoughtful, unique, and incredibly last-minute ways to say: "Thanks for everything you do, Mom!"

1. Write a heartfelt letter.

Cynics may see this as the "Oops, I forgot about Mother's Day until five minutes ago!" confession that it is. But whether written by a 4-year-old or a 40-year-old, this sincere display of affection is guaranteed to melt a mother's heart...even if it doesn't get you completely off the hook for forgetting her special day.

Alternative: Not one for words? Try a haiku:

Mom — kind, forgiving.
(Broke that antique vase, sorry.)
Happy Mother's Day!

2. Serve breakfast in bed.

Rise and shine, Mom! Start her day off right with a serving of French toast, a bowl of fresh fruit and granola, or (for the kitchen-challenged) toast-and-jam with a tall glass of OJ. It doesn't have to be fancy for her to get the message. (So unless your name is "Emeril," you can forget the soufflé.)

Extra Credit: Keep the good will flowing, and clean the kitchen when you're done.


TN.com Awesome Mom Contest: We have a winner!

Congratulations, Marilyn!

The entire team would like to congratulate Marilyn for placing the winning entry. She inspired us with the remembrance of her mother, and made us dab our eyes when she nominated her daughter as the 2012 TN.com Awesome Mom!

Marilyn, check your email... We'll be in touch with details collecting your "Awesome" prize: a $50 TicketNetwork gift card, and a $25 Restaurant.com Gift Code.

Of course, all the awesome stories of awesome moms made this contest a tough one to judge.

When the TN Team planned this Mother's Day contest, we weren't sure what type of responses to expect. But we were blown away by the number of touching (and occasionally hilarious) stories you shared.

Our Favorite Entries

• "She always cared about others and showed me no matter what, you never give up and always, always keep Faith, Love for others, and Humor." — Diane B.

• "My Mom is no longer with me but she left me a legacy of giving and caring. ... As a mother and grandmother myself, I try to live the way she did. Therefore, I would like to nominate my daughter." — Marilyn

• "Being a mom isn't an easy job and ANY mom deserves to be praised.... It's a job we have for the rest of our lives — and hopefully we'll do it well enough to leave an impression on those we've chosen to bring into this world." — Diane R.

• "She is my best friend and I pray that I can become the mother to my 2 boys that she has been to me throughout my life." — Barbara

And who could forget this one?

• "Despite her emotional shortcomings and terrifying pitch black shiny eyes, she has taught me a lot about gravity-wave propulsion, mineral acquisition on gas-based moons and cattle mutilation." — an interplanetary reader

Thanks again to everyone who shared their stories with us. (You can read the entries here.) Each entry was truly memorable in its own way, and we wish you and your families a very happy Mother's Day!

TN.mom Memories: Allison's Story

All this week, the TN Team Blog is celebrating Mother's Day by sharing our staff's stories of events they attended with their mothers. To share your own story and enter for a chance to win $75 in assorted gift cards, head over to the TN.com Awesome Mom Contest blog entry. But hurry — the contest closes tonight, May 10, at 11:59 p.m. EDT!

My Memory

I've been to a lot of spectacular events with my mom over the years — from seeing Les Misérables on Broadway, to catching Paul McCartney in concert at Fenway Park. But the one that sticks out most in my memory is probably also the first event we ever attended together.

Having the circus come to town is maybe the most exciting thing that can happen when you're only four years old. And so it was for me. My mother bought seats close to the ring, so my brother and I could wonder at the enormity of the elephants and laugh at the hilarity of the clowns. And I did laugh — at least until the clowns stepped out of the ring and in to the audience.

I'm not proud about wailing in terror as the clowns approached our seats, but that's what happened. Luckily, Mom was there to shield me (and maybe laugh at me a little) until the clowns returned to the confines of the ring, and I returned to my blissful enjoyment of the show.

Luckily, our more recent outings together have been every bit as memorable for us — but a lot less nerve-wracking for my mom!

My Mother Recommends:

Les Misérables [View tickets]
• The circus [View tickets]

...for non-stop theatrics!

The TN Team will be celebrating Mother's Day all next week by sharing memories of live events we've attended with our moms. We want to hear your stories, too! And you know what that means...


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To enter the TN.com Awesome Mom Contest, leave a blog comment that answers the question: "What makes your mom awesome?"

Whatever it may be, tell us why your mom is the greatest in the comments below.

The contest begins NOW — 9:00 a.m. EDT on May 4 — and we'll collect your responses through 11:59 p.m. EDT on May 10. The next day, and just in time for Mother's Day, we'll share our favorite reader responses right here on the TN Team Blog and announce the contest winner!

Contest is over!
Thanks for entering!

...And may the best mom win.

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