U2 Announces Innocence + Experience U.S. Tour Dates

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U2 today announced they'll be heading out on an arena tour that will span 44 shows in 19 cities, starting in May 2015. The Innocence + Experience Tour includes 16 U.S. shows, stopping in six cities: San Jose, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; and New York, NY.

The tour follows U2's recent album Songs of Innocence, which was released back in September. Innocence + Experience will also stop in Canada, U.K, and Europe. The band's previous tour, U2 360°, spanned two years (from 2009 to 2011), so it's possible more dates will be added to Innocence + Experience.

See below for tour dates and visit the U2 page for more information on tickets.


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Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love Team Up for 2015 Tour

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Like Cher and Pat Banatar; Eminem and Rihanna; and Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean, Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love are the latest singers to team up for a tour.

On Nov. 29, Hole singer Courtney Love tweeted that she'd be seeing Lana Del Rey in a few hours in London, using the hashtag #excitingnews2come. Shortly thereafter, news outlets confirmed that Love and Del Rey would join forces during Del Rey's 2015 Ultraviolence tour.

Love and Del Rey will perform together for eight of the 17 North American shows scheduled during the Ultraviolence tour. So far, no act has been confirmed for the remaining nine Del Rey shows.

See below for tour dates and visit the Lana Del Rey page for more information on tickets.



What People Are Talking About

Thanksgiving week has given us a bunch of new (silly, parody) songs to check out! Plus: "Star Wars" is back. Here's what we were talking about this week...

Back Home Ballers

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Saturday Night Live has been making some pretty sweet holiday-themed music videos. Last year, they gave us "Twin Bed" (which may not be appropriate for work) and this year, I'm obsessed with "Back Home Ballers." Cameron Diaz makes an appearance in the video, which features the women of SNL singing about what it's like to come home and see your parents over Thanksgiving break. This video also applies to Christmas and other winter holidays. I can't help that I enjoy these videos so much, I just have a soft spot for 'Lil Baby Aidy!


Happy Thanksgiving from TicketNetwork.com

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Happy Thanksgiving, all!


5 Artists Who Should Join Katy Perry's Halftime Show

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Now that we know Katy Perry will officially be performing at the 2015 halftime show, I'm starting to wonder how the show will go down. I imagine it'll be something whimsical, colorful, and possibly include food (see: "California Gurls," "This Is How We Do," "Birthday").

But will the performance itself include special guests, or will Katy fly solo? And if it does include special guests, will they make logical sense (like when Beyonce teamed up with Destiny's Child or Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson performed together), or will it be some kind of weird hodgepodge of performers (like Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or the Aerosmith/'N Sync/Britney Spears/Mary J. Blige/Nelly line-up)?

Here are some of the people I'd love to make an appearance during Katy's halftime show.

#1 Kanye West

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Because I'm a big Kanye fan, so I'd love it if he showed up during the halftime show to perform "E.T." with Katy Perry. But I know that probability is low. The song is relatively old, it wasn't that popular, Kanye's got his own stuff going on, and I'm not really sure playing second fiddle to Katy Perry is exactly in Kanye's wheelhouse. Still, an appearance by Yeezus isn't impossible... even if it is unlikely.

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