6 Things You Need to Know About "The League"

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The League


You Don’t Have To Like Football to Watch - Contrary to common belief, you don’t actually have to enjoy watching football to enjoy watching The League. Yes, some of the dialogue is based on football players, which team is playing well, which quarterback has an injury, etc., but it’s not everything. Between Taco’s shenanigans, Andre’s bad jokes (really, you just love to hate his character sometimes), and Jenny’s kick-ass girl power, there’s so much to love about the show!


TV Series: Why Is This Still On?

Why Is This Still On?

We've got TV on the brain lately, with new fall previews on the not-so-distant horizon! Yesterday we made some TV recommendations that everyone should tune into, but today we're reflecting on shows that should have met their maker a long time ago. Just end already!


TV Series: Why Haven't You Watched This?

Why Haven't You Watched This?

With Labor Day behind us and the temperature slowly dropping, it seems like fall is (finally) on its way. That means a new season of 2015-2016 Fall TV Previews are about to begin! You may have tuned into our Why Was This Canceled post about shows we didn't want to say goodbye to, but today we're thinking about all the series we currently love and need to share. Paneling our team of television experts once again, we wrangled up the best list of must-see television programs.


TV Series: Why Was This Cancelled?

Why Was This Cancelled

Fall is just around the corner, meaning the 2015-2016 Fall TV Previews are about to begin! All the famous (and infamous) networks will be bombarding our eyeballs with previews of the good, the bad, and the ugly this season. Sometimes we don't want the "new" stuff, though, we want our old faves back. This got us thinking, why did some of our favorite shows get cancelled? Paneling our team of television experts, we wrangled up the what's and why's of the shows of our past that we want back.


By now everyone has heard the results from the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao this past weekend. Some folks cheered for Floyd Mayweather, others rooted for Manny Pacquiao to win. One thing that everyone agreed on in the aftermath, however, is that this epic matchup was a little anticlimactic. So what about the fight was interesting? Well there were definitely some characters sprinkled around that kept us entertained, and some silly outfits to boot. Here are our five favorite fashion statements from that fateful night.

1. Man With Button Hat and Sparkly Shirt

Who is this man on Mayweather’s team? He’s often seen wearing a newsboy cap adorned with pins and buttons. The hat he wore for the big fight Saturday night was no different, tens and tens of pins all over it! But if you missed this hat it’s because you were blinded by the reflective disco vest, which must have been inspired by Saturday Night Fever. Perhaps flashy vests and fancy hats are good luck charms for Team Mayweather.

Image Source: Isaac Brekken /AP Photo

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