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Looking back: Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home

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The following is a guest article by Miles.

Bob Dylan

The voice of a generation

Robert Zimmerman, also known as Bob Dylan, is one of the greatest musicians with a career spanning over fifty years and 35 albums behind him. In the early sixties, Dylan became the voice of his generation; his music connected folk, blues and traditional music, transferring a message of freedom while opposing hypocrisy and the rule of "the man". His beginnings were defined by pairing the acoustic guitar and harmonica, accompanied by his distinctive vocal style. Just as the audiences started accepting his musical expression and status as a protest singer, Dylan did a sudden stylistic turn. This turn was first exposed on Bringing It All Back Home, an album widely criticized at the time.


The following is a guest post by Andrew Lisa.

In a his new music video "Mirrors," Justin Timberlake takes his fans on a deep and personal journey, and in doing so, gives them a glimpse into the singer’s private emotional world.

Taken from 20/20 Experience, his first album since 2006, "Mirrors" is both a tribute to his grandparents and an examination of his own life and journey into love.

"For William and Sadie"

The video opens with a simple but elegant black-on-white cursive script that reads “For William and Sadie,” Timberlake’s grandfather and grandmother, who were married for 63 years before William passed away in 2012.

An image of a young woman, crying and distressed in a bedroom, is flashed briefly and then replaced by an elderly woman in the same bedroom. Behind the old woman is an old man, unseen to her, who mirrors every physical gesture she makes.

As the man is dressed totally in black and invisible to the woman, the viewer can presume he has died and she is mourning his passing in the bedroom they shared.


The 3 fights boxing fans most want to see

The following is a guest article by Adam Rothstein.

Boxing gloves

Boxing fans around the world have their favorite fighters, their favorite weight divisions, and even some well thought-out thoughts on who they would like to see in a dream match up. From the heavyweight division to bantam weights, there are a ton of highly skilled fighters who could easily carry a card for big profits through ticket sales and pay per view purchases. Below are three of the biggest boxing matches that fans have been clamoring to see. Hopefully, the will of the fans will be fulfilled sometime in 2013.

Magomed Abdusalamov vs. Deontay Wilder

These two up and coming heavyweight contenders are natural adversaries. Both fighters have dominated early on in their professional careers, each with multiple knockouts and early technical knockouts on their records. Wilder is not built like a typical heavyweight fighter, and is extremely thin for a man his size (6'7"). Questions have risen about whether he can withstand a brutal body attack because his frame is so narrow. His legs aren't built much better, and he has yet to truly face a heavyweight with big punching power like that of Abdusalamov.

Abdusalamov is one of the biggest punchers in the heavyweight division today - he launches absolute missiles every time he hits someone. Experts question his footwork, and a dream fight between him and Wilder could expose his lack of technique, and show him for the pure brawler he is. This fight would make for excellent television, where one blow or technical slip-up from Abdusalamov could end the bout.


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The following is a guest article by Aaron Walker.


With Manchester United taking its 20th Premier League trophy with four games left to play in the season, soccer fans are already looking to the next season for their team to steal the glory. But before that comes months of player trials, trading speculation, and the updates on rigorous training for their team in off-season. Fortunately, the time goes fast. That’s because during the 3 months of off season, luckily for us United States citizens, we're able to see some of the world’s most prolific soccer teams come to play on our own home turf. Here are some of the big games going on this summer.

Real Madrid vs. LA Galaxy

While this is still a tentative match with no conclusive date, soccer bloggers and online publishers are all buzzing with gossip that one of the world's biggest soccer brands, Real Madrid, will be coming to Los Angeles on August 1st, to play the home team. As part of the International Champions Cup, an annual soccer tournament to mix some of the biggest teams from across the world, Real Madrid will hope to finish on top of their group, allowing them to play the final in Miami on August 11th. Surely with Real Madrid having one of the largest sports fan base to span across the world, this will be a popular event. So make sure you reserve your tickets fast!


2013 US folk festivals

The following is a guest article by Djembe Drum Shop.

Rustic guitar

The USA is the land of many things but there are two exports that, when married together, are the perfect pairing. Folk festivals are hugely popular across the world, and no-one does a folk festival quite like the Americans.

If you’re into this niche of music and know your Billy Dean from your Dean Para, you will be no doubt counting down the days until your next festival. Here is our pick of five top US folk festivals happening in 2013:

1. Central Ohio Folk Festival

The Central Ohio Folk Festival always takes place on the first full weekend in May, and lasts for three days. This folk festival is as much about the teaching of music and jamming sessions, as it is the music and performers. You can watch artists such as Cathy Barton and Dave Para in the day; and enjoy workshops, jamming sessions, and even a worst song contest in the evenings. If you’re heading to Ohio this May, be sure to take your instruments along and show off what you can do.

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