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The following is a guest article by Chris Jones.


Count another bastion of major network television among the endangered species. CBS and Turner Sports recently announced that TBS will broadcast the NCAA men’s basketball tournament semifinal games in 2014 and 2015. The Final Four always had been broadcast on major network television prior to the latest agreement.

The Final Four joins “Monday Night Football” and the college football bowl system (minus one game in 2012) that have made the transition to cable (or satellite) television. According to Sports Illustrated, cable subscription fees are the underlying factor that several major sporting events are cutting ties with the Big Four television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox). Those over-the-air networks don’t charge viewers broadcast fees.



The spectacle of golf

The following is a guest article by Colin Knight

Golf course

Golf is a sport that is as popular as it ever has been. Though it lacks the speed of soccer, or the danger of motor racing, the sport still pulls in massive TV audiences, and huge crowds still flock to live tournaments. So what's the appeal? The one thing that does make golf great sporting theatre is how rapidly things can change, even in the last few rounds of a tournament. In a tennis match, when one player wins the first set comfortably, then they will often go on to win the match. In golf, the leader in the clubhouse at the end of the first day of a tournament will rarely win the event. The uncertain nature of golf is what makes us watch and play the sport. No two days are ever the same and it's a sport that no one can ever really say that they have mastered.



5 top upcoming golf tournaments for 2013

The following is a guest article by Simon Hayes.


The Masters reached a dramatic conclusion earlier this year with Adam Scott claiming the fabled green jacket after a play-off. But fear not; there are still plenty of amazing tournaments out there for you to sink your teeth into.

Check out our list of future venues and dates of top golf tournaments to keep your eye out for in 2013.

U.S. Open, Ardmore, 10-16 June

We start with one of the four majors, and with the Masters now out of the way, the U.S Open is undoubtedly the tournament to see over the pond.

Held at the Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia in June, the action will be played out on the Ardmore East Course — regularly voted as the best on the face of the earth.

American Webb Simpson will be looking to defend the title he won last year while Tiger Woods will no doubt be in the hunt for his first major win since 2008.


Looking back: Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home

The following is a guest article by Miles.

Bob Dylan

The voice of a generation

Robert Zimmerman, also known as Bob Dylan, is one of the greatest musicians with a career spanning over fifty years and 35 albums behind him. In the early sixties, Dylan became the voice of his generation; his music connected folk, blues and traditional music, transferring a message of freedom while opposing hypocrisy and the rule of "the man". His beginnings were defined by pairing the acoustic guitar and harmonica, accompanied by his distinctive vocal style. Just as the audiences started accepting his musical expression and status as a protest singer, Dylan did a sudden stylistic turn. This turn was first exposed on Bringing It All Back Home, an album widely criticized at the time.


The following is a guest post by Andrew Lisa.

In a his new music video "Mirrors," Justin Timberlake takes his fans on a deep and personal journey, and in doing so, gives them a glimpse into the singer’s private emotional world.

Taken from 20/20 Experience, his first album since 2006, "Mirrors" is both a tribute to his grandparents and an examination of his own life and journey into love.

"For William and Sadie"

The video opens with a simple but elegant black-on-white cursive script that reads “For William and Sadie,” Timberlake’s grandfather and grandmother, who were married for 63 years before William passed away in 2012.

An image of a young woman, crying and distressed in a bedroom, is flashed briefly and then replaced by an elderly woman in the same bedroom. Behind the old woman is an old man, unseen to her, who mirrors every physical gesture she makes.

As the man is dressed totally in black and invisible to the woman, the viewer can presume he has died and she is mourning his passing in the bedroom they shared.

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