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The Best #MayPac Reactions on Twitter

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We were all tuned into the "Fight of the Century" on Saturday night, but what was billed as the bout to bring about Ragnarok (or something) turned out to be kind of a ... let down. So, without further ado, here is a rundown of our favorite Tweets (celebrity and otherwise) from the evening.

Professor Snape, take it away!



What People Are Talking About

Puppy Kentucky Derby Prediction

Source: YouTube.com

In the days leading up to the Kentucky Derby many were wondering how to predict the winner when this year's race featured so many top contenders. The obvious answer; have 16 puppies, each representing a horse competing in the race run towards a trough full of kibble on a tiny replica of Churchill Downs. Since it would probably be difficult for the average person to obtain 16 puppies, a miniature race track, and a trough filled with dog food, Jimmy Fallon did it for us on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The results were adorable.



Manny Pacquiao: Renaissance Man

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

The only thing folks have been able to talk about around here is the upcoming Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight happening Saturday, May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Billed as "The Fight of the Century," speculation on the outcome abounds, but one thing is for sure, regardless of his reputation as a world champion pugilist, Manny Pacquiao's larger-than-life persona is almost as fascinating as watching him in the ring. 

Born in Kibawe, Bukidon, Philippines, Pacquiao was raised in poverty - so much so that as a teenager, he had to drop out of high school due to the fact that his single mother could not support her six children on her meager income. Pacquiao rose from abject poverty to not only become one of history's most renowned boxers, but the only octouple champion in history - meaning he won world titles in eight different weight classes of boxing.

Beyond his prowess in the ring, however, Pacquiao has some serious - and seriously fascinating - hobbies. This man clearly has never met a challenge he wouldn't meet. The 37 year old is an actor, an incumbent in the Philippine House of Representatives from his home district of Lone District, was drafted into the Philippine Basketball Association in 2014, actively endorses politicians from his secondary home country, the U.S. (e.g. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA)), and also released one full-length Tagalog album Laban Nating Lahat Ito, as well as several singles and collaborations in both English and Tagalog.


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons, Author: Bill Brine

A year removed from California Chrome making one of the more unprecedented runs in horse racing history, the Kentucky Derby may be the starting point for the narrative of another horse looking to achieve the elusive Triple Crown.

Before the first leg of horse racing’s three big races begins, all eyes are on legendary horse owner and trainer, Bob Baffert. Early predictions have Baffert’s two horses, American Pharoah and Dortmund, as the two favorites in the race. Kentucky Derby tickets have an average price of $1,1015.83 with a get-in price of $71.*

Baffert is looking to add to his illustrious career; a career that includes three Kentucky Derby victories, five Preakness wins, one Belmont and 10 Breeders' Cup wins. According to an article from YahooSports.com, Pat Forde writes, “Longtime Derby oddsmaker Mike Battaglia said the American Pharoah-Dortmund combo may be the best any trainer has had since Ben A. Jones had Citation and Coaltown run 1-2 here … in 1948.”


Major Onsales This Week: James Taylor, Motley Crue, and More

James Taylor

James Taylor is going on tour this summer in support of his latest album, Before This World. Sixteen tour dates go on sale today.

Motley Crue

Earlier this week, the metal band announced a set of new dates for their final tour. Onsales today and tomorrow include shows in Buffalo, NY; San Diego, CA; and Dallas, TX.

Josh Groban

Traditional pop singer Josh Groban has set a tour with dates this fall. Twenty-four concerts go on sale today, including New Orleans, LA; Pittsburgh, PA; Albany, NY; Detroit, MI; and Atlanta, GA.

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