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10 Awesome and Surprising Musician Cameos

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Mastodon On the Set

We all love a good cameo. With Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones we got to see heavy metal super stars Mastodon [SPOILER ALERT] act as Wildlings, and then die, and then come back as ice zombie Wildlings. Since the band are self-professed GoT fans, they seemed positively tickled pink by the personal invitation from show runner Dan Weiss to don the costumes and personae of Westeros's neighbors to the North, particularly as they contributed to the Game of Thrones mixtape Catch the Throne Vol. 2. Mastodon's joyous (just look at those grins) guest spot was hard to pick out in the utter melee of the episode, so this still is credited to HBO and Helen Sloan, and now we are looking back at other fantastic (or fantastically bad) musician cameos in film and television.


5 Small Music Venues that Seriously Rock

5 Small Venues

Toad’s Place – 300 York Street, New Haven, CT

Why Toad’s Place Rocks: Originally, the Yale Co-op stood where Toad’s now resides. It was various restaurants after Yale sold it off, and former culinary student Michael Spoerndle purchased the building to turn it into a French and Italian restaurant in 1975. But by 1976, Toad’s Place (that was also the name of the restaurant, btw), Spoerndle transformed Toad’s into a live music venue with the help of local musician Peter Menta, as well as friend and co-owner Brian Phelps. Right off the bat, acts like Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, and John Lee Hooker graced the stage at the 750 capacity club. Billy Joel recorded “Los Angelenos” from his album Songs in the Attic at Toad’s in 1980, and U2 played there three times at the dawn of the ‘80s while they promoted Boy and during their October Tour. They also premiered the song Fire there, and Adam Clayton can be seen in a Toad’s tee shirt in early promo photos of U2. In 1990, Bob Dylan played a set that lasted more than five hours, and was his first club appearance in a quarter century. More recent acts have included Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, Juicy J, Interpol, and Wiz Khalifa.



Week in Review

Riley Curry Steals the Show

Source: YouTube.com

Although there were memorable performances from players on the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets during the 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals, the spotlight was stolen by a two-year old. Her name is Riley Curry, daughter of two-time NBA All-Star and Golden State Warriors point guard, Stephen Curry. Riley first made headlines the other week when she sat on her dad’s lap during a post-game conference where she chastised him for talking too loudly into the microphone.

She returned to the limelight last Wednesday during the post-game interview after Golden State clinched a spot in the NBA Finals. This time around she figured it was time to make it known she’s an aspiring singer and recited some lyrics from “Blessings,” a popular song by Big Sean featuring Drake while Steph was trying to answer questions from the media.



Notable Quotable Sepp Blatter

With the recent arrests of top FIFA officials (not including Blatter himself), the sport regulatory body has been thrust into the spotlight here in the U.S. Possibly antithetical, considering professional soccer is still struggling a bit stateside, we do love a good scandal. Though there are loads to know about FIFA, the corruption charges, and their president, Sepp Blatter, we really want to highlight the man in charge. Here is our rundown of the dumbest piles of nonsense Sepp Blatter has ever said. This was a tough list to compile, we were spoilt for choice. Take a moment and hear what Last Week Tonight's John Oliver had to say, then we'll count 'em down.

So, in no particular order, here are our favorite* Sepp Blatter quotes.

"Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts."

The gentleman in charge of international regulations regarding the sport has some... interesting thoughts about female athletes. And by "interesting" I mean archaic and misogynistic.



Week in Review

David Letterman Retires

Source: YouTube.com

22 years and 4,263 episodes after the first episode of the Late Show with David Letterman debuted, David Letterman signed off for the last time, “That’s pretty much all I got… thank you and good night,” Letterman said at the end of last Wednesday’s final episode. While you may be somber about Letterman’s retirement, just watch this video montage that aired during the Foo Fighters performance of “Everlong” on Wednesday night and you’ll be sure to let out a few chuckles.

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