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5 Ways Zedd's Audacity is Revolutionizing Music

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1) It’s not just auditory, it’s a full experience

With the promotion of his True Colors album and upcoming tour, Zedd is pioneering fan-interactive scavenger hunts. Cities like Chicago, Austin, Denver, and L.A. have already been hit up by hordes of twenty-something fans sprinting through the streets and snapping shots of themselves on smartphones in order to get in the running for special Zedd access experiences. Thus far, the 50 luckiest/most scavengery fans in each city have been swept away to a secret location to hear a new song from True Colors, as well as the opportunity to meet and chat with the electro-virtuoso himself.

For the True Colors Tour, he has announced 32 stops, ten of which are yet to be revealed. Keeping fans on the hook ensures interaction and reaction, not to mention he’s bound to provide a pleasant surprise for fans close to the as-yet-unrevealed locations.



Because humans have devolved to possessing less attention span than goldfish, it stands to reason that our music videos are now films. Or our films are music videos. Or something like that. Last night at the Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift premiered her video for “Bad Blood,” her newest single and collaboration with the inimitable Kendrick Lamar – who himself is promoting a new album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” From the perspective of lyricality, the crossover is a curious one, as Lamar continually turns out thought-provoking rhymes while Swift’s milieu is bite-sized, poppy lyrics on a loop. However, we gotta admit the song and video are pretty damn badass. Despite the fact that assassins cum supermodels is a bit of a trope at this point, the vid is great, and Lamar perfectly complements Swift’s choruses, taking the former country girl to the next level.

So whatever about the song, let’s get to the eye candy. This video is so chock-full o’ kick-ass ladies, it was hard to pick a favorite cameo, but here goes. (To be clear, Lamar is not listed as he is a collaborator, ergo would not qualify as a cameo, but his character is Welvin da Great.)

The 10 Most Killer Cameos in TSwift's Ass-Kicking "Bad Blood" Video

10) Cara Delevigne as Mother Chucker (selected primarily for the most obvious and still funny nickname)

Mother Chucker



What People Are Talking About

U2 as Street Performers

Source: YouTube.com

After U2 cancelled their week long residency on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon due to Bono’s serious bicycle accident last year, the band recently returned to the show ahead of their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour. A segment that aired on the episode featured Jimmy Fallon and U2 disguised as street performers as they put on a show at the 42nd Street subway station in Manhattan. At first, the band’s disguises seemed to work a little too well, but as soon as Jimmy Fallon announced who these street performers really were to the small group gathered around, the crowd grew a bit larger.



Jose Mourinho: the Many Faces of Chelsea FC

You may not be a soccer enthusiast. You may be a casual observer. Perhaps, and this is best case scenario, you're a die-hard footy fanatic who has more than enough opinions on FIFA, the state of American Major League Soccer, and have serious.thoughts.about Cristiano Ronaldo. Regardless of which category you fall into, I need to highlight the international treasure that is José Mourinho, Chelsea FC Manager.

Love Chelsea or hate ‘em, and wether you can’t stand Mourinho or think he should be canonized, everyone has to agree, he is imminently gif-able. And with Chelsea participating in the International Champions Cup, we decided to celebrate the...

Top 10 José Mourinho Gifs

Mourinho <3 Fans

He loves the fans and joins in their joy, willingly marching over match security to do so


By now everyone has heard the results from the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao this past weekend. Some folks cheered for Floyd Mayweather, others rooted for Manny Pacquiao to win. One thing that everyone agreed on in the aftermath, however, is that this epic matchup was a little anticlimactic. So what about the fight was interesting? Well there were definitely some characters sprinkled around that kept us entertained, and some silly outfits to boot. Here are our five favorite fashion statements from that fateful night.

1. Man With Button Hat and Sparkly Shirt

Who is this man on Mayweather’s team? He’s often seen wearing a newsboy cap adorned with pins and buttons. The hat he wore for the big fight Saturday night was no different, tens and tens of pins all over it! But if you missed this hat it’s because you were blinded by the reflective disco vest, which must have been inspired by Saturday Night Fever. Perhaps flashy vests and fancy hats are good luck charms for Team Mayweather.

Image Source: Isaac Brekken /AP Photo

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