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It's been eight years since Pluto had its status downgraded from "ninth planet" to "joke." (Okay, actually, it was called a "dwarf planet," but you know.) Well, Pluto might just be having the best week ever because some researchers at Harvard have said nah, Pluto, you're totally a planet. The researchers wrote, "Even though a dwarf fruit tree is still a small fruit tree, and a dwarf hamster is still a small hamster." I think it's pretty solid logic. There's no official ruling saying that Pluto actually is a planet, but this does open up the debate once more; it's possible that sometime in the future, Pluto will regain its status as "planet," and I'm just sad that "Psych" is no longer on air to discuss it.


The 7 Most Popular Songs of 2007

Today we continue our week-long celebration of our 7th anniversary by taking a look back at what music was popular in 2007. So we took a look at Billboard's 2007 chart of the top 100 songs to see what people were listening to back then. As a chart that combines sales, radio play, and streams, it's a fairly good indicator of popularity. Here are the top seven songs:

1. Beyonce - "Irreplaceable"

We're absolutely not surprised that Beyonce tops this list because she just has a way of doing that. Our lack of emotion aside, it was an immensely successful song, particularly favored because of it's "to the left" hook. Originally meant to be a country tune, it was re-arranged as a pop song for Beyonce. Although it didn't debut at number one, radio play let it rapidly climb the charts, eventually giving Beyonce her fourth #1 hit. It was the top-selling song of 2007, and to date has sold over two million copies just in the U.S.


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The Best Number 7's in Sports History

In honor of TicketNetwork.com 7th Anniversary celebration this week, we are talking about all things "7". We are giving away a gift card for $777, giving customers the chances to save 7% off of their next order of $200 or more (use the code "TN7Years" if you're interested), as well as having 7 days of silly giveaways on our Facebook page. Today, I've decided to post my choices of the best sports stars to ever wear the number 7 on their jerseys. In honor of George Costanza, we kink off the list with "The Mick":

Mickey Mantle

From 1957 to 1968, Mickey Mantle was arguably the best player in the game of baseball. Mantle was an All-Star 20 times (MLB used to have two All-Star games per year), was the league MVP three times, and helped lead the Yankees to seven World Series titles over his career. His #7 is retired by the Yankees and he was a first ballot hall-of-famer in 1974. All of those accomplishments led to George Constanza to want to name his first child Seven, which is perhaps Mantle's greatest honor.


The Top Pop Culture Moments of 2007

Pop Culture image

As you know, TicketNetwork.com is celebrating its 7th anniversary. Which got us thinking about 2007. Like, more than most people think about 2007 when they're in 2014. It's kind of too soon to really be nostalgic about anything that happened only 7 years ago, and yet... here we are. So let's go back in time and see what the pop culture landscape was like then. Warning: some of it isn't pretty.

In 2007...

  • Fergie is weirdly popular. She has the third best-selling album of the year.
  • A guy gets tazed and shouts, "Don't taze me, bro!" And then this becomes a meme. (We are cruel.)
  • "The Sopranos" fades to black. Literally. That's how the show ends, and people are really, really mad about it.
  • Paris Hilton is a thing.
  • And she's just gotten out of jail.


What People Are Talking About

Derek Jeter

This week, Derek Jeter said farewell to the Yankees. He played his final game last night and many were saddened to see his prolific career come to a close. For months, many of paid tribute to The Captain, tagging things on Twitter with #FarewellCaptain and #RE2PECT (the latter of which comes from a Nike campaign that paid homage to the shortstop). Although some people were less-than-thrilled by the attention Jeter's retirement has garnered, others were really sad to see him go. Farewell, Captain.

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