6 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

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6 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

So, we of the "Oregon Trail Generation" might not really be old, but I'm feeling it lately. From actively cringing when I hear slang like "on fleek," "turnt," and "bae" (slang revulsion translates into 100 Old Points per word) to consistently saying "WHO?" (always in that particularly aggressively annoyed tone of the Olds) when youthful coworkers mention up-and-coming celebrities, I realize that I am no longer a Youth. Not saying that I'm old, but when I looked back at these six pop-culture milestones, I definitely feel it...


Celebrity Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Demi Lovato hometown

Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico, where Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft, and the only word in the English language that repeats the sequence "que" twice. More importantly, it's the hometown of American pop-star Demi Lovato!

In celebration of Demi Lovato's on-sale with Nick Jonas for their Future Now Tour, we're looking at other famous musicians from her hometown of Albuquerque, NM.

NFL Stocks

As some teams reached the halfway point of the season and others one game shy if they’ve had their bye week already, it’s a good time to take a step back and take stock of NFL.

While this can change drastically based on results of the Week 9 NFL games, below we play “Stock Rising, Stock Falling” for a select few teams in the NFL.


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Tracy Morgan

After a horrific traffic accident that put Tracy Morgan in the hospital and his life in jeopardy, the television star and comedian returned in a hilarious way on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago. He is scheduled to go on a comeback tour named “Tracy Morgan: Picking Up The Pieces” beginning in February of next year.

Tracy Morgan tickets for his opening shows from February 12th through February 26th range from average prices of $101.30 to $175.33 depending on the date and venue according to TicketNetwork.com.

With one of television’s favorite funny men scheduled to tour the country again to bring laughter to the fans, below is a sampling of some of the most memorable moments throughout Morgan’s career.


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Spectre on the Horizon: the Top 10 Bond Theme Songs


Top 10 Bond Theme Songs

The much anticipated Spectre hits theaters November 6 in the States. And while Bond himself, Daniel Craig, seems ready to hang up his Walther PPK, audiences still can't get enough of these films. From a series that is stuffed with cinematic iconography, from nude silhouettes to tongue-in-cheek one-liners, the Bond theme songs are as instantly recognizable as names like "Pussy Galore." From Dame Shirley Bassey to Louis Armstrong, Garbage to Adele, Bond's got hits. Can't say that Sam Smith's new theme really does it; it seems to be too far out of the Bond mold and much more "really sad love song" that Smith does so well. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine tune, it's just not Bond. Let's break 'em down, and you tell us if you agree (number 1 is not up for discussion, just so we're clear.)