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Bucket List Events

Compiled and edited by James Hodges

Ever feel like the days are passing you by, leaving you without any tangible stories to tell? Sometimes our day-to-day lives can be rather unfulfilling. We have a limited amount of time and with busy schedules and it can feel like we’re not experiencing all that we should be. A road map can be the best way to add excitement, so our team at TicketNetwork got together and compiled a bucket list of events we want to see live.


I Want To Beliebe

Labor Day is thoroughly appreciated nationwide, but its origin is often sorely overlooked. While the details are often disputed as to who first suggested the holiday, what we do know is that it celebrates the Labor Movement in the U.S., particularly after the Haymarket Massacre of 1886 and later the Pullman Strike of 1894, the U.S. Congress moved to make Labor Day a national holiday. The parades and work holiday were intended to demonstrate “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor unions,” to whom we still owe a debt for the standardization of the 40-hour work week. That is not to say everyone can enjoy that parameter, but it is through the efforts of those organizations that the American labor force is what it is, which is to say, devoid of dangerous working conditions, child labor, and other such circumstances.

So, we’ve compiled the BEST Labor Day playlist that celebrates the spirit of the working man (or woman), for better or worse.

Weekend – Priory

It may not be payday, but we know the feeling. Starting off this list with a more recent hit, since it seems singing about being a member of the downtrodden working class has fallen out of fashion. Well, this danceable tune is the perfect windows-down, volume-up, speed-away-from-work tune. Plus, when was the last time you heard anyone sing "proletariat"?


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Conspiracy Theory Thursday: I Want to Beliebe

(But I Don't)

I Want To Beliebe

Though largely overshadowed by such moments as Nicki Minaj’s callout of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift, and Cyrus’s batsh*t, trippy performance with Wayne Coyne, Justin Bieber’s live medley of “Where Are Ü/What Do You Mean?” brought out the “wow” when he apparently broke down crying following his set. It was yet another noteworthy moment at Sunday’s MTV VMAs. I have to admit, “Where Are Ü” is pretty catchy, but he lost me at “What Do You Mean?”

Mind you, the bridge in the song is a spoken word piece of sophomoric philosophizing, which I have transcribed below and made into an inspirational quote you’d see on Pinterest because it has all the emotional depth of a kumquat. (Actually, now that I really think about it, maybe that whole spoken word thing is perfectly in line with the name of the song.)


They’re Not Your Brah

Derek Zoolander Rejects You

DMBWe all know these people, the superfans. The ultimate band enthusiasts who follow their favorite groups on tour or see them as many times as humanly possible on the rare occasion they hit the road, willing to mortgage houses and max out credit cards because each show might be The Show. (And if you ask them, each show IS The Show. “You shoulda been there, maaaan.”) Now, these superfans also tend to have a strange and obnoxious shared habit of, how shall I say, overly familiar address of their chosen icon. That is, they call their favorite musicians by their first names.


A Very Happy Birthday to Van the Man

Van Morrison

Since I’ve already written about my long-time love for The Band, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I am also a Van Morrison fan. Today marks the singer’s 70th birthday, and as his prerogative, he will celebrate his milestone with a live show. This year, he’s performing two concerts in his hometown of Belfast, Ireland.

The picturesque and tree-lined Cyprus Avenue that lent its name to one of his most beloved songs will be transformed into an intimate venue for two shows with just enough elbow room for the most devoted fans. Catering to his worldwide fandom who many not have been able to secure tickets, BBC Radio Ulster will broadcast one of the shows this afternoon, while a recording will be shown on TV in the next few days.



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