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#TBT: Top Five Alter Egos on Stage

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What do David Bowie, Beyonce, and Garth Brooks have in common? They all stepped out of themselves to put on a new face and performance for the stage! While many performers have pulled similar stunts, here are our top five alter egos. Hold on to your butts, it's gonna be a weird ride.

5) Chris Gaines

Garth Brooks on Tour Now

Photo courtesy of tasteofcountry.com

The late 1990s were an odd time. We were in the throes of a bull market, Britney Spears was a fresh-faced ingénue with all of her hair intact (and in pigtails), and country-pop was all the rage. We weren’t even at war with anyone. It was in this cultural climate of excess and sunny emotions that we were first introduced to the remarkable artiste Chris Gaines. 


Music Monday: Nicki Minaj, Crazy Like a Fox

Nicki Minaj

Our offices have been buzzing since the announcement of Nicki Minaj’s "Pinkprint Tour" and the show’s US dates. But aside from her knack for hook-driven hits, what really has our gums flapping is the “Anaconda” singer’s antics off stage. We’ve essentially come to realize our office is split into two camps: those who think Nicki Minaj is crazy, and those who do not.

Minaj: A Study in Bananas

1) Picks fights on Twitter with everyone’s favorite purveyors of pancakes:




What People Are Talking About

Will Ferrell is Little Debbie

Source: YouTube.com. Please note: video may not be suitable for work.

Get Hard, the much anticipated comedy film starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart is set to come out on Friday, and in preparation for the film’s release, Ferrell is making his round of public appearances. However, it is fair to say Ferrell isn’t taking the most orthodox approach to promote the film. The week before last he played for 10 different MLB teams in the Cactus League, which also served as a fundraiser for Cancer for College and Stand Up to Cancer. Then, last week he headed to New York where he appeared on the The Late Show With David Letterman dressed as a leprechaun in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

While the leprechaun outfit was understandable, his next television appearance was random and downright creepy. On Wednesday, he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon dressed as Little Debbie; complete with a blue plaid dress, curly wig, and straw hat. He insisted he was the new spokesperson for the company that’s known for snacks, such as Cosmic Brownies, Swiss Cake Rolls, and Zebra Cakes. This stunt would lead you to think McKee Foods, the owner of Little Debbie has some sort of partnership with Ferrell. Well they don't. It turns out McKee Foods was surprised to find out about their new spokesperson, however, they did welcome the free publicity with open arms.



The Best Basketball Music Themes

Tomorrow marks the beginning of another NCAA Basketball Tournament, and we are definitely amped up for the coming games. The beginning of the tournament also got us thinking about some of the most popular basketball-related themes. Where basketball is concerned, there really are only a few big ones, but they're all memorable and instantly recognizable.

"I Believe I Can Fly"

Source: YouTube.com

There are a lot of songs that are created and then later appropriated for movies. "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly was not one of those songs. Written for the 1996 live action/Looney Tunes mash-up "Space Jam," the song help propel the movie into the box-office stratosphere. It also earned a life of its own outside the movie, and in addition won two Grammy Awards for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best Rhythm & Blues Song.


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#TBT: American Idol

Source: YouTube.com

Think back to 2002 and the few years following; what show did you watch religiously on Tuesday and Wednesday nights? Most likely your answer is American Idol. Now in its 14th season, American Idol is struggling to maintain its once enviable ratings. As a result, winners in recent years haven't been gaining the same level of stardom as some of their counterparts in the previous decade. However, in the earlier years of the show, winning the contest did not guarantee a life of Grammy Awards and stardom. On more than one occasion, finalists who didn’t come in first saw more success than the finalists who did.

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