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10 Fun Facts About the Movie Frozen

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The world is well aware of the success "Frozen" has had. The film's success has translated into an upcoming ice spectacular, as well as a Broadway show that's in the works. We feel chummy with Elsa and Anna, we know all the lyrics to "Let It Go," and we secretly wish we had a reindeer pet as cute as Sven.

But here are a few fun facts you may not have known about the successful film. (It should go without saying, but: major "Frozen" spoilers ahead.)

#1 - Rapunzel and Flynn Rider make an appearance at Elsa's coronation.

Blink and you'll miss it, but it's true. If you watch the crowd during Elsa coronation, you'll see both characters from "Tangled" (and yes, Rapunzel has her short, brown hair instead of the long, blond locks).

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If you don't follow sports very closely, you may not know that game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals happens June 4. The Rangers were the first team to make it to the finals... and after watching the video below, I can't help but root for them. Check out the 11-minute profile on Rangers play Dominic Moore and his lovely wife.


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4 Reasons to Love Lyric Videos

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Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Have a Drum-Off

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