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7 Great Modern-Day Christmas Songs

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I think there are two camps of people that exist: those that love Christmas music, and those who are vehemently against it. I fall into the former camp. The day after Thanksgiving is over, I'm zealous about the holiday music I listen to. I'm a huge fan of the classics and I think it's widely agreed upon that very few new Christmas music is good (although kudos for attempting).

But there are some great modern-day Christmas songs out there! Here are a few of my favorites.

#1 - Mariah Carey, "All I Want for Christmas is You"

As far as I'm concerned, this list could be composed entirely of Mariah Carey's song "All I Want for Christmas is You" and be considered a raging success. This is not only the best modern-day Christmas song, it's probably my favorite Christmas song of all time. And I'm not sorry! I love this song. Bonus points for the video.


10 Best Bowls That Have Nothing to Do With College Bowls

Here is what I know about the college bowls: they are happening. They are important to some people. They involve a sport (I am guessing football, but I cannot be certain). And something exciting (?) or, at the very least, noteworthy is happening with them (?) or maybe the schedule (?) or something, which is making people talk about/care about/discuss college bowls.

As you can see, I know next to nothing about these alleged "college bowls" (Note to self: Is there even an "s" on the end of that?). So here are 10 other bowls that are great, and have literally nothing to do with whatever is going on in sports right now.

#1 - Cereal Bowls

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Cereal is delicious, and therefore a cereal bowl is what kicks off our list of the best bowls. Plus, today it was announced that French Toast Crunch, a cereal loved by '90s kids everywhere, is coming back!


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eLump of Coal

Source: YouTube.com

If you're still trying to figure out what gift to get for your loved or not-so-loved ones this holiday season, we'd like to humbly suggest an eLump of Coal. It's perfect for people you love, but like messing with; people you don't really care for, but they don't know that; and everyone in between (including those who are essentially impossible to shop for). You can go here to send one or two or three. P.S. It's free!


The 6 Best Hip-Hop/Rap Albums of 2014

Schoolboy Q — Oxymoron

Source: YouTube.com

Quincy Hanley, known by his stage name Schoolboy Q, is a rapper hailing from Los Angeles, CA. He's part of the super group "Black Hippy," which includes three other notable mainstream rappers: Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock (under the independent label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE)).

Battling with drug-addiction for a large portion of his career, Oxymoron was Schoolboy’s third studio album and was largely based off his previous years selling and abusing various drugs. This album was his coming out party, as it was his first album release under a major label (Interscope Records), and it lived up to the hype that was created when he announced he would be releasing the album in late December, 2012.

The album is a brilliant mix of his past life on the streets and his current status as a rap star. The album start to finish doesn’t have a bad track, and this is a sentiment to Schoolboy’s progression as a rapper who is here to stay in the limelight. Look out for his next project, as it’s sure to be a quality release exhibiting his true skills as a west coast rapper.

What People Are Talking About

Thanksgiving week has given us a bunch of new (silly, parody) songs to check out! Plus: "Star Wars" is back. Here's what we were talking about this week...

Back Home Ballers

Source: YouTube.com

Saturday Night Live has been making some pretty sweet holiday-themed music videos. Last year, they gave us "Twin Bed" (which may not be appropriate for work) and this year, I'm obsessed with "Back Home Ballers." Cameron Diaz makes an appearance in the video, which features the women of SNL singing about what it's like to come home and see your parents over Thanksgiving break. This video also applies to Christmas and other winter holidays. I can't help that I enjoy these videos so much, I just have a soft spot for 'Lil Baby Aidy!

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