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How to Use Your Extra Second Today

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Leap Second

Every 18 months (give or take) since 1972, we have added an extra second – known as a “leap second” – to clocks worldwide in order to account for the fact that the Earth’s rotation is slowing down. That means since Nixon claimed he was “not a crook,” we’ve gained almost half a minute in total. This year’s extra second is to ensure that our daily clocks are in synch as closely as possible with the atomic clock, and prior to the advent of the Internet, none of this was a big deal.

The last time we added a second, however, was on June 30, 2012, and it pretty much broke the Internet (not even Kim K could really do that). Sites as heavily-trafficked as Reddit, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Gawker were knocked out completely and hundreds of flights were delayed in Australia. So this year, everyone’s a bit nervous. So set your clocks – the second will be added at 23:59:60 UTC (7:59:60 EDT for those 'round us) – and grit your teeth for the ensuing technological fallout. And in order to best use this spare second, we suggest the following:

  • Catch up on your reading
  • Enjoy a Kit-Kat
  • Start writing the Great American Novel
  • Visit John Oliver’s site: spendyourleapsecondhere.com
  • Start and successfully complete that cayenne pepper fast you’ve been meaning to try
  • Organize your recipe box
  • Learn Finnish
  • Take up curling (the sport, though you could try your hair, too)
  • Take a so-called "Bucket List" trip
  • Gleefully await Internet Ragnarok (or actual Ragnarok, I don't pretend to know you)
  • Tweet Shakespeare’s collected works, one iamb at a time

15 MORE Fandom Names You Should Know

15 MORE Fandoms

We've covered this topic twice before (here, and here), but the list of fan bases with their own unique monikers seems to only be growing. Some of this, I suspect, is directly related to the rise of social media platforms, but Twitter and Tumblr in particular, as great gathering places for, uh, devoted fans from across the globe.

And man, these fans take that whole"fanatic" thing and run with it. So here's a rundown of a few more fan base names that you should know, especially if you Tweet... Also, am I inviting the hatred and vitriol of thousands of devoted fans with my assessments of these names? LET'S WAIT AND SEE!

  • Fifth HarmonyHarmonizers - Fifth Harmony fans. They have a special affinity for - and with - Directioners. 
  • Mahomies - a cute play on Austin Mahone's last name. I approve.
  • Hooligans - this is what Bruno Mars' fans call themselves after his album Doo-Wops and Hooligans. Considering the term "hooligan" typically means a violent, young, deviant person, it's hard to see how that aligns to Mars' pretty clean-cut, approachable and damned adorable persona! Uptown funk you up, indeed...


Week in Review

Kid Theater “Magic Mike Edition”

Source: YouTube.com

Channing Tatum stopped by Studio 6B for a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in support of the upcoming film, Magic Mike XXL. While there, he and Fallon partook in a “fun thing” where they performed a few scenes from the new film. However, instead of performing actual scenes from the movie they reenacted scripts written by elementary aged kids. The children’s only direction for writing their scripts? Write a scene based on what they think a movie titled “Magic Mike” would be about. The funny thing is a few of these scripts could definitely be misconstrued into something much less innocent than they really are.


What's in a Name? Celebrtiy Names: Revamped

What's in a Name?

Billy JoelWe know some of our favorite musicians, actors, politicos, and… Kardashians by their well-worn monikers. From super stars to the super-desperate, we have clear ideas about our celebrities based on their famous names. Often, those are actually famous nicknames, not just stage names. For instance, would you get as excited if William Joel was playing Madison Square Garden? (Gwyneth Paltrow seems to call him “William,” but, um, maybe he saves his given name for when he’s fitting in with the hoi-polloi in The Hamptons?) We threw together a list of our favorite famous folks who just don’t sound as compelling if we switch up the names by which we all know them so well.

  • William (Bradley) Pitt just doesn’t stand out like Brad Pitt. Even better? Billy Pitt. I feel like Billy Pitt would own a questionable auto parts shop in the Midwest.

WTW: Pete Rose Gambled on Baseball as a Player

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It was 26 years ago all-time MLB career hits leader and 17-time All-Star Pete Rose was banished from professional baseball for partaking in the sport’s greatest sin: gambling on the game. Although he would deny this allegation for 15 years, it was proven that Rose bet on the Cincinnati Reds between 1987 and 1989, while he was the team’s manager. Everything was laid out in the Dowd Report, a 225-page document prepared by lawyer John M. Dowd at the request of then MLB Commissioner, Bart Giamatti. The document included alleged betting records, bank records, telephone records, and transcripts from witnesses. Though Rose eventually admitted to gambling while he was the Red’s manager, he always denied he bet on games while he was a player, even as recently as this April when he stated on Michael Kay’s ESPN radio show, “[I] never bet as a player: That’s a fact.”

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