Athletes who have come back from career ending injuries

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The following is a guest article by Annabelle.


Last season the NFL made fans, players, and medical experts redefine what is meant by the words "career ending injury." The top two MVP finalists, Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson, were both returning from injuries many considered would significantly cripple or even end their respective careers. Manning had undergone multiple neck operations, while Peterson tore both his ACL and MCL, both injuries that once spelled doom for playmakers at their positions. But, not only did both Peterson and Manning return, but both were unquestionably the best players at their respective positions in 2012, with Peterson coming within ten yards of the all time rushing record and winning the prestigious league MVP. The examples of Manning and Peterson may seem insignificant, outliers in the vast scope of the NFL, but when we also consider the returns of Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis and Jamal Charles, or the continued play of Robert Griffin III, we have to consider the question: What has caused this dramatic shift in the landscape of injuries in the NFL?


The following is a guest article by Matt Thames.

Recycled album

Had enough of all those movie remakes yet?

Indeed, the last several years turned out a bunch of big budget remakes — The Longest Yard, King Kong, True Grit, The Bad News Bears and Fright Night — to name just a few. Soon Evil Dead, Carrie and Red Dawn will be coming down the pike, along with a slew more. With the big flick industry's creativity in the red, the studios are cranking out one recycled flick after another amid declining box-office numbers, and its been giving the 'biz a boost.

Maybe the music industry should consider a similar approach.


In sports, there is nothing quite like a last second victory. That is unless you are the losing team. In the video below, you will see perhaps the greatest buzzer beater ever; at least, in this humble sports fan's opinion it is. The game pictured below is for the New York State Section 1 Class AA championship, making the shot all that more impressive. All I can say is congrats to New Rochelle High for winning, and I'm so, so sorry to Mount Vernon for having to live on the losing side of this game for all eternity.

The most influential guitarists of 2012

Illustration of a guitarist

You may remember that last month I posted the first article in our "Most influential of 2012" series. I asked people who write about drumming who they thought was the most influential drummer of 2012.

This time the series focuses on guitarists. Whole lists have been published on this subject, with Rolling Stones' "100 Greatest Guitarists" article perhaps the best known. So we know who the best and most influential guitarists of all time are, but who brought something new to the art in 2012 specifically? That is the question I asked a number of bloggers, and I received a couple great responses.

The first to get back to me was Josh Evitt, a guitar player from Nashville, TN, who writes at Guitar Lifestyle. Evitt told me about a blues-rocker whose impact was really felt last year.

NHL 2013

The NHL lockout stole three months of hockey, including 34 games per team, the Winter Classic, and the 2013 NHL All-Star Game; understandably, it upset many, many hockey fans. When the lockout officially ended, teams went into full fan repair mode, in an attempt to win back all those fans who were sick of players and owners squabbling over money, something both parties had a lot more of than the average fan. Now that the season has been back for a little over a month now, have the fans come back?

The answer is.... yes!

Oh, and the answer kinda is no, too.

Let me explain — unlike the other major sports leagues, the NHL and its franchises are really divided into two classes: the haves and the have-nots. Hockey-crazed fan bases, which include mostly cities in Canada and the Northeast U.S., have returned in full force, filling arenas on a nightly basis. According to's attendance figures, all seven teams located north of the border have 100% attendance or better so far this season. Same goes for major hockey markets including Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit. Some of those have even improved from last season.

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