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College Bowl Games

In recent memory, fans, analysts, coaches, and players have been yearning for a true college football playoff. Rather than seeing just the top two teams compete for a national championship, everyone has been determined to figure out a way to get four, eight, or sixteen teams to meet at the end of the season to determine the champion on the field, rather than through the polls. They got their wish this season and now four teams have a chance to claim a national championship for their school. This is the first ever College Football Playoff and the nation is eagerly awaiting to see how it will play out.

Despite the national fervor for this year’s playoff, ticket data on the secondary market indicates that ticket prices are still highly dependent upon where the game is taking place and who is actually playing. Each fan base is different, in both size, passion, and traveling tendencies, and that greatly affects how tickets are priced.


Frozen, TSO Prominent in September's Top 10 Events

September's Top 10 Events

In September, we finally saw a little bit of change among the top players, with a return of some former top players. At least in this case, it makes a lot of sense. As the holiday season approaches, people looking for something to do during that time have Christmas and winter on the mind, and that's what last month's Top 10 represents. Thus we see two of the top holiday/winter-themed events: Frozen and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Indeed, of all the tickets purchased last month at TN.com for Frozen shows happening in 2014, nearly 40% were for shows in November, while another 31% were for shows this month*. So over 70% of Frozen ticket purchases in September were for the next couple months.

It makes a lot of sense that some people would purchase for an imminently upcoming show. With its family-friendly nature, it makes a great show to see on a whim, especially on the weekend (where it does best). Others, however, are looking ahead to the holiday period. Interestingly, there were not many sales for December. I wonder if that will change once I revisit this in October's Top 10.

TSO, meanwhile, is all always about Christmas and the holiday season. Whereas Frozen's busiest period is in November, the lion's share of ticket sales for TSO are for December shows. I expect it's because, with TSO, more people want the Christmas theme as close to the holiday as possible. And, in fact, the most popular days for the show are those immediately surrounding Christmas, from December 13 to 26. Of course, as a touring show with a few shows in each city it visits, beggars cannot be choosers, so November also does very well for TSO.

* Rankings and other data are as of 10/8/2014 4:00 p.m. EDT. Top 10 list is ranked based by the number of tickets sold on TicketNetwork.com. Trademarked terms are the property of their respective owners and are used strictly for descriptive purposes and do not imply an endorsement or partnership. TicketNetwork is an online ticket marketplace and is in no way associated with the trademark owners, artists, teams, or productions mentioned.

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August's Top 10 Events

If you guessed that Ringling Bros. would still hold strong in August, you'd be exactly right. So like last month, we'll skip right to the juicy stuff: Garth Brooks. Last month I noted that despite the slow, drip drip way Garth Brooks has announced his tour dates, he wasn't doing so bad. Now that we're a month later, it's time to take a look at how things are going overall.

How has the tour done so far? Well, in order to compare, let's take a look at the other hugely amped tour from this year: Jay-Z & Beyonce. So far, the number of Garth Brooks tickets sold TicketNetwork.com is 71% of the number of tickets sold for the entirety of the On The Run Tour*. That's for a tour that had almost the same number of dates that Brooks' tour currently has released. When you take that into account, it doesn't look so good at first. However, when you remember that he's only released dates for two cities, it starts to look a little better. 71% of the other biggest tour of the year for two cities? I think that's not bad.


July's Top 10 Events

I might say I'm surprised that the Ringling Bros. circus secured another month in the first spot of the TicketNetwork.com Top 10*, but as we all know by now, it's been in a stride for most of the year. So instead of focusing on Ringling Bros. for the discussion about July, I'll skip to the runner-up, Garth Brooks.

Single City and Late Announcement Success

The number of tickets for Brooks sold in July here at TN.com showed that, despite the somewhat unique manner of announcing his tour dates, fans can't wait to see him again. Although the number of tickets sold weren't at the same level as say, Jay-Z & Beyonce from earlier this year, they were at a point where I'm pretty confident saying that, had he released his entire schedule all at once, it likely would have been one of the biggest months for concerts we ever saw.


A Look at "Frozen" Ticketing Trends

Visits to Disney on Ice pages

The new Disney on Ice production "Frozen" has everybody excited. Well, at the very least it has kids excited, and perhaps parents and "kids at heart" to less of an extent. But regardless of who exactly is looking forward to the ice show, people are looking for tickets. How many people? Well, that's where this story starts.

The graph at the top represents pageviews to the TicketNetwork.com collection of DoI pages from May 1 to June 3. I first came across it last week, when I wondered how many PVs those pages were getting in light of the May 20 sales date. At first I was sure something was wrong. Why were there so few PVs tracked before the 20th? After all, DoI isn't an unpopular series; in fact, tickets for the shows sell quite well at TN.com.

Then I discovered the reason for the seemingly odd reporting: There was over 9000% more PVs to those pages than is typical on a given day. I know that's a little vague, but we're talking in the 10s or thousands of visits PVs here compared to the hundreds they usually get. Since then the increased activity has kept up, albeit at a much lower number. So to say that fans of the movie are interested in seeing the ice show is a massive understatement.

So what other ticketing trends are we seeing? Here are a couple:



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