Happy Independence Day from TicketNetwork.com!

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Have a great, safe weekend everyone!


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Buying baseball tickets just got a little better! With "Buy in July," TicketNetwork.com is trying to make your baseball tickets free — and who doesn't love free?

Fans don't have to do anything different; just buy tickets from TicketNetwork.com to see your favorite teams play. If the home team from your July purchase wins the World Series, you can get your money back. Seriously. It's that simple.

So the only question is: which team(s) will you be buying tickets for?

For full details, visit our Buy in July page.

Happy Father's Day from TicketNetwork.com!

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Dads are cool. So Happy Father's Day, from all of us.

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The countdown to Father's Day is on! How will you be showing dad you care? This Father's Day, why not get creative with your gift? Tools, ties, barbecue sets, and sports memorabilia are nice... but it's also nice to give dad (or the father-figure in your life) a chance to spend an evening out — either with you, with friends, with his wife, or with whoever he wants!

Not to brag or anything, but our Father's Day Gift Guide is a great place to get started with some ideas. To help you decide among the thousands of live shows, we've hand-selected events we think any father would love, in sports, concerts, and theater. Is dad a baseball fan? Maybe some MLB tickets would do the trick! If he loves rock music, maybe he'd have fun at an Aerosmith show. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

Once you've picked your tickets for dad, be sure to visit our Gift Notes page and take advantage of our free gift notes! This way, if the tickets don't arrive in time for Father's Day, you can still have something special to let dad know you were thinking of him.

There's only one week until Father's Day, so get shopping!


2014 Summer Concerts Guide

Do you know you want to see an artist or a band, or attend a festival this summer, but don't have a great idea who is performing over the next few months? Don't fret, it's happens to all of us, even me. Although I'm the concerts guy for TicketNetwork.com, there are so many acts going on tour that it can be hard to keep all the schedules in order.

Never fear, though, as we've got you covered with our Summer Concerts Guide! It has all the must-see acts for Summer 2014 in a number of genres including pop, rock, hip hop & R&B, country and Latin music. It also provides a brief list of upcoming music festivals (but if you know you want to see a festival, you can hop right on over to the music festival guide for a month-by-month schedule).

In addition to the upcoming concerts, the guide acts a resource for the summer concert season itself, providing links to posts right here at the TN Team Blog about tour announcements, festival survival guides, ticketing trends, and much more.

Check it out now and start planning your summer entertainment!