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2014 Summer Concerts Guide

Do you know you want to see an artist or a band, or attend a festival this summer, but don't have a great idea who is performing over the next few months? Don't fret, it's happens to all of us, even me. Although I'm the concerts guy for, there are so many acts going on tour that it can be hard to keep all the schedules in order.

Never fear, though, as we've got you covered with our Summer Concerts Guide! It has all the must-see acts for Summer 2014 in a number of genres including pop, rock, hip hop & R&B, country and Latin music. It also provides a brief list of upcoming music festivals (but if you know you want to see a festival, you can hop right on over to the music festival guide for a month-by-month schedule).

In addition to the upcoming concerts, the guide acts a resource for the summer concert season itself, providing links to posts right here at the TN Team Blog about tour announcements, festival survival guides, ticketing trends, and much more.

Check it out now and start planning your summer entertainment!

Last week, Jay-Z & Beyonce announced they were going on tour, and you can guess what happened next. The Friday onsale was a huge day for How huge? The On The Run Tour accounted for 38.4% of all tickets sold on that day. In comparison, Paul McCartney's tour accounted for a distant 5.5% of tickets sold.

Here's the rankings of venues Jay-Z & Beyonce are scheduled to visit on the tour, based on ticket sales up until today:

Jay-Z & Beyonce City Rankings at

As you can see, the greatest percentage of all Jay-Z & Beyonce tickets sold on so far, about 10%, have been for the July 7 concert at the M&T Center in Baltimore, MD. The July 5 show at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA, came in second, but the sales numbers are nearly identical to Baltimore.

It seems highly likely that the duo will make May's Top 10, but at which spot is yet to be determined. We'll report back next month.

The Mother's Day Gift Guide...Now with Gift Notes!

Mother's Day Gift Guide image

In case you missed it, earlier this week we announced our Mother's Day Gift Guide! Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11, which means you only have a week left! Still looking for something to get mom? Why not a ticket to her favorite artist, show, or team? Check out the gift guide for some great ideas.

Of course, picking an event and ordering tickets is only half the battle. You still need to receive them. However, depending on the date of the event you choose, tickets may not be available until closer to that date. Not to worry, as we've got you covered there as well! Simply visit our Gift Notes page after your order is confirmed to download and print out a gift note to give to the special woman in your life on the big day.

Gift notes are available for individuals or, if the gift is from several people, for a group. Even better, you can get the note personalized, courtesy of our customer service team! Simply fill out the form on the page with all the information and you will receive the as soon as possible (typically within one business day).

So with all that known, what are you waiting for? You have a week — get going!

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Mother's Day Gift Guide image

Mother's Day is just a few short weeks away, so we're already thinking about all of the ways we can help you get the perfect gift for mom! Should you get her flowers? Jewelry? Candy? All three? Yes, you could... but how about a ticket to her favorite artist, show, or team? And, would you look at that? sells event tickets! Fate.

In seriousness, it can be challenging to figure out the perfect gift to give to moms, grandmas, aunts, and all of the other women in our lives we appreciate. We hope our Mother's Day Gift Guide can help alleviate some of that stress. There, you'll find suggestions for gifts in concerts, theater, and sports.

We'll also be launching Mother's Day Gift Notes soon, so even if your tickets don't arrive in time, you'll still have something nice to give to your loved ones on Mother's Day. Stay tuned!


Google Wallet promo last chance image

Feels like just yesterday when we announced customers who used the mobile site and paid using Google Wallet would receive $25 off their order of $100 or more*.

Alas, that deal is winding to a close — but there's still time to take advantage of this deal... just 'cause we like you.

Maybe you want to use it to buy some Justin Timberlake tickets for your friend's birthday. Maybe you're already thinking about a Mother's Day deal for your mom. Or maybe you just want to go ahead and treat yourself to something really, really great. Whatever you want to do, we support you. We're here for you. And can we come, too? (Just kidding.)

For all the details about this promotion, feel free to check out the official Terms & Conditions. For more about Google Wallet, click here.

* Offer valid 3/17/2014 through 4/15/2015. $25 discount will be automatically applied to orders during checkout on the mobile website. Minimum $100 order, excluding service or delivery fees. Cannot be combined with any other discount code or offer. Full promotion terms can be found here.

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