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Week in Review

50 Cent "Borrowed" Luxury Items

Source: YouTube.com

Apparently 50 Cent isn’t worth much more than his stage name. According to Forbes, the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was said to have a net worth of $155 million. However, after recently being ordered to pay $5 million in damages in an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit, the multi-platinum-selling artist filed for bankruptcy. Last week, Jackson was at a supreme court hearing in Manhattan for the same lawsuit, where he was questioned by the plaintiff’s attorney about his luxury items, such as pricey cars and flashy jewelry that he often boasted on social media. Jackson admitted that most of his jewelry was “borrowed” and he only owns a G-Shock watch and three gold chains. As far as the expensive cars, almost all of them were rented. As you can see below, 50 is making the best out of a bad situation.


David Gilmour

Former Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour has a few more dates on sale this coming Monday for the tour in support of his latest album, Rattle That Lock.
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Garth Brooks

The country superstar isn't done yet. He has a couple new onsales today for concerts in Dallas, TX, this September.
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Shania Twain

Shania Twain has several Canadian concerts on sale today for her tour with Gavin DeGraw, with dates in October.
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Norm Kelly is an International Treasure

Not everyone spends as much time on The Twitter Machine (as I like to call it) as I. 'Tis part of my job, and therefore I spend copious hours wading through the odd, the mundane, and the inane tweets that come out of every corner of the globe, scouring for relevant and delightful tidbits that might further my cause. And that is how I became familiar with the Twitter Genius that is Norm Kelly.

Norm Kelly (@norm) is a City of Toronto Councillor for Ward 40, and, according to his Twitter bio, "Mrs. Kelly's Favourite Son." And with good reason. @norm first pinged onto my radar with his ingenious lampooning of what became known as The Great Raccoon Memorial of 2015. The story goes that a Torontonian spotted a deceased raccoon on the sidewalk early one morning, and thoughtfully alerted the city's contact centre. And while the City responded that they were on the ball... that was apparently not the case. The poor procyonid had reached rigor and a bizarre memorial began to spring up around his fluffy corpse. When photos of the memorial began to pop up, @norm got involved:

What's Trending Image

Although the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards isn’t until the end of next month and MTV hardly associates itself with music these days, the nominees for this year’s high profile award show were announced yesterday.

While dozens of artists were nominated for awards, one musician leads the pack with 10 nominations. If you’re thinking Taylor Swift, then you’re right. The video for T-Swift’s "Blank Space” is up for two awards, including for “Best Female Video.” However, the cameo filled, futuristic action clip for the popular tune “Bad Blood” featuring Kendrick Lamar is nominated for eight awards, including “Video of the Year.” (If you haven’t watched the video check it out, it’s good. And that’s coming from someone who usually refuses to listen to Swift.)


Famous Fish

famous fish

To honor the kick-off of Phish's 2015 North American Tour, we've compiled an exhaustive list of our favorite famous Phish fish. 

Nemo - probably the cutest entry on our list. Image courtesy of pixar.wikia.com.

The Marlins - Miami's own school of the classically elusive species: baseball fish.

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