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Jim Cantore - Thundersnow

Source: YouTube.com

While thundersnow may sound like a made up term, it is actually a rare occurrence where thunder and lightning occur during a snowstorm. Last weekend, Weather Channel meteorologist, Jim Cantore, witnessed six instances of thundersnow while covering Winter Storm Neptune in Boston; and let’s just say his reactions were a little over the top; like you’re on a baseball team that just won the World Series, over the top. During his reaction to the fourth instance of thundersnow, Cantore even said he would prefer to be witnessing the weather phenomena over winning the 500 million dollar Powerball jackpot. Sorry Jim, but I’m not sure if I believe you on that one.



Major Onsales This Weekend: Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan, and More

Ed Sheeran

The folk-pop sensation is going on his second headlining tour and onsales begin today for cities such as Uncasville, CT; Milwaukee, WI; Hollywood, CA; Tulsa, OK; and Forest Hills, NY.

Jimmy Buffett

Fans from the northern U.S. will particularly enjoy the return of Jimmy Buffett, as that means it's time to think about relaxation and warm days, not shoveling and snowy days. Onsales begin today with more on Tuesday.

Bob Dylan

The legendary singer-songwriter is continuing his Neverending tour with dates in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and more. The tour has 20 stops overall and onsales for it begin today.


Ed Sheeran: From the Countryside to the Big Stage

Growing up, Ed Sheeran’s parents didn’t allow him to play video games and rarely let him watch television. Instead, they encouraged him to read and learn music. After receiving her first guitar at a young age, Sheeran showed he was musically gifted. At 14 years of age, Sheeran, who gained his musical influences from bands and artists, such as The Beatles, Nizlopi, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Damien Rice, and Eminem left his family’s home in the English countryside and set off for London where he could gain more exposure as a musician. While in London, Sheeran devoted his time to music; recording and playing gigs at smalltime pubs. Sheeran released his first, self-titled album in 2006 and released his second album, Want Some a year later. Sheeran also posted many videos of himself playing music on YouTube, which led to him gaining a strong fan base.

In 2010, after feeling London gave him all it had offer, Sheeran headed for Los Angeles on a whim, where he was quickly discovered by Jamie Foxx, who asked him to appear on his Sirius radio show. Shortly after his appearance, Sheeran released an EP that reached the no. 2 spot on the iTunes chart, an extreme rarity for an unsigned artist, which led to him signing with Atlantic Records. Since then, Sheeran has released two studio albums; including his certified platinum album, “X.”



Edmonton, Alberta Leads in AC/DC Ticket Sales


It was a big week for rock band AC/DC at TicketNetwork.com. Tickets for the band's upcoming Rock or Bust Tour placed in the top spot of the selling artists list for the past week*. One of the tour dates helpful to that achievement was the September show in Edmonton, Alberta, which beat out Chicago to become the leading city in Monday's onsale. Over 20% of tickets sold so far for the tour have been for the Edmonton show.

Edmonton as a city, wasn't the only winner. Alberta also led on a province/state level with more ticket sales than California. That's quite the feat when California is hosting two shows in September compared to Alberta's one show.


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10 Famous Redheads in Music

Today, we spotlight musician, Ed Sheeran, who has recently announced his widely anticipated North American tour. Taking place this spring and summer, tickets for the tour will go on-sale this Friday. In Sheeran's honor, we have put together a piece highlighting 10 famous redheads in music. Take a look below!

1. Ed Sheeran

Source: YouTube.com

Being interested in music as long as he can remember, English singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran, first began playing guitar at a young age when he showed promise as a musical talent. Determined to make a name for himself, 14 year-old Sheeran left the small country town of Framlingham and set off for London where he played gigs at local pubs and released multiple EP’s. He also posted numerous videos of himself performing on YouTube, which ultimately caused his fan base to take off. Fast forward a few years, and his determination and hard work paid off; Sheeran has released two studio albums; including his certified platinum album, “X,” and has been nominated for multiple Grammy awards. It's safe to say he rose to the top as one of the most popular redheads in music.

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