How to Get Your Irish On (When It's Not St. Paddy's)

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Irish Experiences

Once a year, almost all of the U.S. goes Irish for a day. With parades, fanfare, and a whole lotta fun, the U.S. actually celebrates St. Patrick's Day "bigger" than Ireland, though we hear they're catching up to our dyed rivers and city-wide parades. But what about the other 364 (or 363, depending on your recovery time) days of the year? Whether you trace your lineage back to the Emerald Isle like me, or you just love the culture, here are four ways to embrace Irish culture when it's not March 17!

Biebonic Plague

There were early signs of the infectious nature of the beast, it would surge in pockets around the United States and Canada every so often since 2008. The "Bieber Fever" as it was known afflicted many, often the young and otherwise healthy, predominantly Caucasian female members of the middle- to upper-middle classes. And it was all-consuming. But by the time 2014 came, the Fever had cooled. Parents breathed a collective sigh of relief, and posters slowly peeled from bedroom walls. We thought the Fever was gone for good, eradicated by horrible public behavior, condescension toward fans, animal neglect, and a sneaking suspicion of sizzurp dependency. Indeed, some public health officials speculated that the scourge was over, eradicated under its own largesse.


Amy Schumer is the Queen of Comedy and Ticket Prices Show It

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is the undisputed funniest woman in comedy right now. To go along with her comedy specials, tours and shows, Schumer starred in and wrote the hit summer comedy movie Trainwreck to capture the attention of a wider, national audience.



Week in Review

"Finding Dory" Trailer


If you can believe it, it’s been 12 years since the Academy Award winning Pixar film, Finding Nemo first hit theaters. Fans of the movie, which has to be 99.9% of those who’ve seen it heard great news in 2012, when reports came out that a sequel was in production. Titled Finding Dory, the film’s first trailer was released last week, which you can watch above. The film is set to be released on June 17, 2016.


Major Onsales This Week: Maroon 5, The Cure, and More

Maroon 5

The pop rock band has over two dozen onsales tomorrow for another leg of their 2016 "Maroon V Tour," which began earlier this year.
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The Cure

The veteran rockers have a handful of onsales today and tomorrow for their 2016 North American tour.
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Il Divo

The quartet of classical crossover crooners has many onsales today for their late 2016 "Amor & Passion Tour."
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