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Last night’s “Midsummer Classic” at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati turned out to be a memorable one, with the American League taking a 6 - 3 victory over the National League. However, the real highlight of this year’s MLB All-Star Game festivities was the new and improved Home Run Derby. Major League Baseball was able to take an event that has become increasingly stale year after year and turn it into an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting experience for everyone watching.


5 Musical Acts Who Are Resting on Their Laurels

5 Artists Who Are Resting on Their Laurels

Being a popular musical act is tough. They not only have to manage the expectations of their fans, who want them to keep producing great material, they have to manage the expectations of their labels, who want them to keep producing great material. Over time, many artists suffer from changing winds in musical taste, and the type of music that made them popular in one decade doesn't get much traction in another, leading many fans to ask of new songs, "What is this crap?" Or else the artist or band tries to experiment, leading many fans to ask of new songs, "What is this crap?"

What I'm basically saying is that fans tend to have a strong preference for the music that made them initially like the artist; it's a kind of nostalgia effect, I suppose. So some artists who've been around for a long time, and are no longer bound to recording contracts, have decided to base their current success on exactly what their fans are expecting: the golden oldies that made them popular. They continue touring but stop recording for the most part, or else have very long gaps of time between albums which suggest recording isn't a priority for them. Here are a few examples that've done just that:

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are among the better bands on this list, since they've actually had a new studio album in the last 10 years, that being A Bigger Bang (2005). They've had several compilation and live albums since then, some with a few new songs, but that's about it. Since 1989, the Stones have definitely slowed down their release schedule, with three studio albums during that time period. The Stones have given no indication that they're done recording, so hopefully we'll see a new album soon.



Misfits vs. Danzig

Misfits v Danzig

Two of American punk and metal's best and most influential bands - Misfits and Danzig - are hitting the road this summer and fall. In a painful game of "would you rather" we ask, if you could only choose one, which band would you go see? Luckily, you don't have to choose just one. With special guests like Pennywise, Cancer Bats, She Demons, and more, you can't go wrong with any of these shows. Check out tour dates below and find your tickets before they're gone!



Week in Review

Jason Pierre-Paul Loses Finger

Source: YouTube.com

It’s safe to say Fourth of July 2015 was not one New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul would like to remember. While celebrating America’s independence he injured both of his hands with fireworks, including a fractured right thumb and a severely burned right index finger. Although initial reports indicated the injuries he sustained weren’t serious, ESPN’s Adam Schefter obtained a copy of medical charts that revealed Pierre-Paul had his right index figured amputated.

Pierre-Paul might have been able to save his finger, but it would have been a long road to recovery, most likely forcing him to miss the entire upcoming season. The area where the amputation occurred is only expected to take about three weeks to heal. According to an unidentified source, “Pierre-Paul is expected to be back on the field this year” and "could be ready to play by the start of the season.”

Luke Bryan

Country superstar Luke Bryan has tickets on sale today for his upcoming Farm Tour, which will take place this October at farms primarily in the Southeastern U.S.
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Oddball Comedy Festival

The third edition of the comedy festival features Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer as headliners. Most onsales are today.
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Several teams have onsales in the coming week, including the Vikings, Seahawks, Bears, Patriots, and Ravens.
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