About the contributors

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About the contributors

We bet at this point you're thinking that this is just another boring corporate blog. Not quite! Unlike some other companies who only blog about themselves, we aim to make it fun. Yes, we'll write about ourselves sometimes (we have a little bit of an ego), but the primary focus here is not ticketing. Instead, our aim is to scout and pick out the best (and worst) of pop culture, live entertainment, and everything that surrounds those things. Expect posts on concerts, theater and sports, but also food, travel, and whatever else we can think of!


Tim is the resident sports dude at TicketNetwork. He tends to retain pretty much all the most random sports and pop culture knowledge, but will easily forget what he had for lunch. Born and raised in Connecticut, he has a love for New England sports teams including the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots and everything UConn, the school he graduated from in 2006. He also enjoys quiet nights at home with his wife and dog watching shows like 30 Rock and Modern Family.



Crystal is a content developer at TicketNetwork. She's a pop culture and social media junkie, and has a tendency to care a little too much about things like Beyonce's baby. Her favorite things to do include writing, reading, watching TV, attending theater events, and trying to get Mindy Kaling to acknowledge her existence on Twitter. (Just kidding. Not really.) Most nights, she can be found snuggled up on her couch with her boyfriend and her dog, Obi.



Mike is a content developer at TicketNetwork, where he focuses on concerts. While he likes to write, his lot in life is video production, and he also handles all the video work for the company. When he's not writing or producing videos, Michael is following up on politics, reading, and traveling around the world (or attempting to). His favorite trip was a nine-day trek around Greece during college, and he hopes to make another visit to Europe within the next few years.

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