Guest posting guidelines


We are a blog covering music, concerts, sports, theatre, and pop culture, and are looking for articles from writers who are interested in any one of these themes. We’re interested in expanding the types of articles we offer up on the blog, such as:

  • Concert reviews
  • Theater production reviews (especially if you live in an area where a show is touring)
  • Album reviews
  • Interviews
  • UFC
  • Soccer
  • Other sports

These are just examples. We’ll take other topic ideas, so long as they fit within the main themes of our blog. Articles can combine any of the major topics, so long as it makes sense. Topics should reference issues in the public mainstream. In other words, we won’t accept articles about the concert by the local hometown band or the community theater production.


Articles should be 600 words or longer.


Your article will be submitted using a generic guest posting account, but with your name and a notation that you are a guest blogger. Anybody who becomes a regular contributor will be granted a personal profile, complete with photo.


In return for your work, you may have up to two content body links for every 200 words, for a total of six. These links may go back to your own website, but they should be relevant to the content of the article. We will accept links only to sites related to live entertainment topics. Site suitability is at the discretion of the TN Team Blog staff.

Self-serving links (those which point to a site you own or are writing for) that are commercial in nature must be placed outside the main content in an "about the author" section and may not use highly-targeted anchor text, must point to the site's homepage, and can only use that site's name.

No affiliate links may be placed within post content. You may also provide up to two links in an "about the author" section.

Disclosure policy

All articles written on behalf of another entity should be indicated as such in the "about the author" section below the article.


We do not accept links to websites that are known to have malicious content or deal with illicit content, including sex, drugs, etc, or promote academic dishonesty. We also do not accept links to sites about betting, gambling. In addition, links pointing to websites that are still under major construction or are not currently working will be denied.

Content review

All articles are subject to review and editing by TicketNetwork. Please don't be offended if we suggest changes. We will be checking for instances of the articles on other sites, so any content should be original. We also reserve the right to reject any article for any reason or no reason.


Images are accepted. However, they must be from a copyleft source with permission for commercial use, or one of the many licensed sources (Shutterstock, etc.). All images should be properly attributed and have been credited. Proof of license may be required. Due to legal restrictions, images cannot feature actual artists, team logos, etc. Do not post anything that could be considered copyright infringement. If you don't provide a graphic of some sort, one will be added to the article. In lieu of a graphic, a video may be substituted.


If you have an article, please contact By submitting an article, you agree to abide by these guidelines.