Introducing the TicketNetwork car, #41!

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Introducing the TicketNetwork car, #41!

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TicketNetwork car and crew

That’s right, we’re sponsoring our very own racecar! This past weekend was the first race of the season, so our affiliate marketing guru, Erin, and I went out to the Stafford Motor Speedway to meet the crew and hand out some great swag to the fans who showed up to meet our driver, JJ Hill, and get autographs. At left you can see Erin and I with the whole crew, along with the freshly painted (and very cool-looking) TicketNetwork car.

It was a great morning, as hundreds of fans came out to support their favorites. Everyone was excited to kick off the season, especially all of the young kids who were experiencing it for the first time ever! We also gave away a $300 TicketNetwork gift card to one lucky winner, out of everyone who signed up for our newsletter.

TicketNetwork racecar crunch

Who wouldn’t want $300 in tickets? Am I right?

JJ fared well for the first race of the season, finishing 11th. The car took a little damage, which you can see in the picture at right. Still looks pretty, though.

We plan to keep you posted on JJ’s success throughout the season, so keep checking back here for updates and plenty of racing pics!



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JJ said...

Just to update, we actually got bumped up to 10th place in the Spring Sizzler finishes, and last Friday night we finished 6th after another tough race.

May 9, 2011 at 2:49 PM Reply

Liz said...

Cool, thanks for the update, JJ! I hope you don't mind being your very own blog post tag. Tong

May 13, 2011 at 9:33 AM Reply

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