Law & Order: Annoying sports fans

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There all different types of sports fans out there, but for the millions of fans who go to games every year, there is nothing worse than an annoying fan. Here are just a few of the "fan crimes" that these annoying sports fans make:

FAN CRIME #1: Being too old to paint your face

ARGUMENTS AGAINST: When you see a young kid at a game with their face painted, it's cute. When you see a college student with their face painted in school colors, it's forgivable because of college students' tendency to make bad decisions. But if you cross into your 30's and 40's (or even worse, older than that), it is maybe something you should think twice about. Those people in your section laughing, are not laughing at your cleverly painted face, they are laughing at your wrinkled painted face.

ARGUMENTS FOR: As David Puddy of Seinfeld fame said when asked why should paint your face: "You know; you have to support the team."

VERDICT: Guilty. Sentenced to take a shower to take off that ridiculous face paint.

FAN CRIME #2: Being a celebrity at a game strictly there to promote a project

ARGUMENTS AGAINST: Celebrities often say they want to be treated like everyone else, or just normal people out to enjoy the latest NBA or MLB game. But when they end up sitting in the first row with 3 of their co-stars the week that their latest film is set to be released, that crosses the line into annoying. I present Exhibit A: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James from the movie "Grown Ups" at a 2010 NBA Finals Game. Three of the four are from New York and are self-proclaimed Knicks fans, so naturally they would want to spend big money to see the Lakers and Celtics play. Oh yeah, the movie studio bought those seats.

ARGUMENTS FOR: If you had millions of dollars riding on the success of something you made, you would probably do whatever it takes to make it a success. Based on the fact that "Grown Ups" grossed over $160 million at the box office, I think they did alright.

VERDICT: Not guilty. Just make sure you keep sitting in the seats I couldn't afford anyway.

FAN CRIME #3: Running onto the field/court during a game

ARGUMENTS AGAINST: This is the first one that is actually a crime. I often wonder when watching a fan run onto the field whether they truly understand the consequences. Judging by the fact that it keeps happening, I would say no. This is not just annoying to your fellow sports fans; this is also annoying to the players. It holds up the game and really makes you look pretty stupid. The only enjoyable part is watching you get tackled and/or tased by security. (See video if you want to laugh today)

ARGUMENTS FOR: There really aren't any good reasons to do it, except maybe if you have an obsession with getting arrested.

VERDICT: Very guilty. Sentenced to humiliation in front of thousands.

What other annoying sports fans do you hate when you go to a game? Let me know in the comments!


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