Our customers really want to see American Idols Live

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It’s not a secret that American Idol is popular and has been since the series premiered in 2002. Idol has had its ups and downs, but it’s still one of the highest rated series on television, even after 10 years.

Just as popular is the summer tour that runs after each season. Regardless of how the season’s finalists ultimately do in the music industry after their time on Idol, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they have fans who want to see their favorite finalist at least one more time.

Ticket Sales

The first round of tickets went on sale the weekend before last, so I decided to look into how well the tour has done. It turns out that tickets have sold very well indeed. In fact, Idol is by far the best-selling concert tour for May on our exchange. A vast majority of Idols tickets that have sold thus far - over 62% - were bought on the week of the 8th. Last week, sales slowed down but continued at a fair clip nonetheless.

The Attendees

So just who is going to American Idols Live? Here’s a map of ticket buyers by region.

Map of American Idols Live ticket buyers

As you can see, southerners make up the lion’s share of people going to an Idols Live show, and it’s not because there are more concerts in the region (the Midwest has the most). The most likely reason the tour is doing so well in the South is that the show has a higher viewership there than anywhere else.

According to an MSNBC article from last year, TV watchers in the southeastern states were 10% more likely to watch the show than other parts of the country. That article was about the eighth season, but if our data is anything to go by, the findings still hold true.

Overall, a majority of attendees are staying close to home, but there are a few that are traveling in excess of 500 miles to attend a show. However, I’m guessing they’re not traveling that far just to see the Idols.

Fun Fact: The farthest away anybody is coming to see the Idol finalists is the United Kingdom.

This year’s tour is a little more exciting because there are eleven finalists sharing the stage rather than the usual ten, due to the second chance the judges gave to the now-eliminated Casey Abrams.

American Idols Live starts on July 6 in Salt Lake City, UT.