From the screen to the stage: 5 upcoming movie musicals

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I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about upcoming musicals that have been adapted from movies, including Bring it On and Rocky. So I thought I’d do some do some research and give you five upcoming projects, and how well I think they will do.

The Nutty Professor: The Musical

The latest news: This one is still in the early stages, and I can’t find too much info on it. But rumor has it that Jerry Lewis himself is bringing the show to Broadway, and musical legend Marvin Hamlisch (one of the few EGOT winners) has written almost 20 songs for the project.

How it'll do: Taking into account the great popularity of the movie (and its remake) and the star power involved, this could be amazing. Of course, those are also the same things Spider-Man had going for it, and look what happened to that.

Rocky: The Musical

The latest news: This proposed musical also has a rockstar team, including the writer of Annie, The Producers and Hairspray and a Tony-winning musical team writing the songs. The crew is hoping for a Broadway run starting in early 2013.

How it'll do: This sounds like one of the dumbest ideas for a musical in a long time. The movies are epic and macho, and I just don't see that translating into a musical with singing and dancing.

Strictly Ballroom: The Musical

The latest news: This 1992 film is one of my favorites, about competitive ballroom dancing. The show has already been workshopped in Australia, although the final book/music and creative team has not been established.

How it'll do: This probably has the best shot at being a great musical. It’s already about dancing, which is a staple of any Broadway musical, and the uplifting love story will cheer audiences like Mamma Mia! does.

Sleepless in Seattle: The Musical

The latest news: This is another classic movie, and it could be really good on stage. There aren’t any major names working on the show, but it’s being developed at the Pasadena Playhouse, which also produced current Broadway hits Baby It’s You! and Sister Act.

How it'll do: This could go either way. It’s one of those musicals that could be amazing or terrible, depending on how it’s approached.

Bring It On: The Musical

The latest news: One of my friends is a former cheerleader, and she has been talking about this for months. There’s already an official website for the show that announces the launch of a national tour in the fall of 2011, so this one is definitely happening.

How it'll do: When I first heard about this, I was convinced it would be amazingly terrible. But Lin-Manuel Miranda co-wrote the music and lyrics, and he’s the genius behind In the Heights, which was amazing. So we’ll have to wait and see on this one.

What movie would YOU like to see made into a stage musical?