Free Tickets Contest: Congratulations to our winner!

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Thank you for everyone who entered a submission to our free concert tickets contest over the past two weeks, and we are happy to announce our winner as Alicia! She won with the entry:

"I've never been to a concert, but would love to take my mom to a Toby Keith or Trace Adkins concert, or especially one where they perform together. We love them, especially because they are so patriotic, and being a military family, we really appreciate all that they do for our troops around the world. My mom works so hard at home to take care of our family through all of the packing, moving, and school transfers so that my dad can focus on his job in the Navy. I'd love to take mom to a concert, she deserves it!"

Alicia will have the choice of taking two tickets to a concert of her choice or a $400 gift card to Though Alicia is a very deserving winner, it was an extremely difficult decision with so many fantastic entries. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lisa - "I need to see Journey, actually, I need to take my sons, ages 15 and 11, to see Journey. That's all they've talked about this summer. They love classic rock, and Journey is their favorite band. It's been a hard year for them, because their dad and I are getting divorced, money is tight (haven't received any child support yet), and I hate to tell them I can't afford it, but the truth is I can't. They are good kids too, straight A's, and the oldest is working on his Boy Scout Eagle project. Thanks for the chance to win!"

Stacy - "I depended on my teenage 2nd cousin more than she deserved this summer. She was my lifeline to watch my 2-year-old so I could work. She played with him, fed him, took him swimming -- everything. She even cleaned a little! She's such a great kid, but is pretty quiet.

That is, until you ask her about Taylor Swift! Then she lights up like a Christmas tree. I swear she almost started to hyperventilate one night when we teased her that Hillary Duff was better.

Please help me send her to see Taylor in Lexington in October!"

Joni - "Chris Daughtry (American Idol)
1. I want to marry him
2. I want to be the nanny for his kids
3. I want to bring him his slippers
4. I want to cut his grass
5. I want to wash his car
6. I want to lay in a hammock with him in Bora Bora........."

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Follow us on Twitter at @TicketNetwork as well as continue visiting the TN Team Blog and be on the lookout for the next contest!