Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson The Immortal ticket prices

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Michael Jackson The Immortal

After I posted an article about the new Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil tour kicking off a few weeks ago, I wondered how ticket sales were doing across the dozens of cities hosting the show, especially considering the huge amount of anticipation for the production. So, I got some stats from the TicketNetwork Exchange on average tickets prices for both current inventory and tickets already sold.

The most expensive tickets currently listed for sale are for the shows in Eugene, OR, which average $409.53 per ticket. Following Eugene in highest listed prices are Salt Lake City, UT, at $335.34; and Las Vegas, NV, at $334.55. Compare those to the lowest average price in Springfield, MA, where tickets are being listed for an average of $83.33, over $200 less than the fifth most expensive city.

But what are people actually paying for tickets? Demand seems to be highest for the Las Vegas shows, where the average price for tickets purchased is $289.26. Close behind are Miami, FL, at $282.83; Los Angeles, CA, at $274.46; Washington, DC, at $254.34 and Chicago, IL, at $253.75. Interestingly, Eugene, OR, is at the bottom of the list, with an average sold price of $103.17.

Are you going to any of the shows? Tell us in the comments!

Ticket prices in this article are based on data from the TicketNetwork Exchange as of October 11, 2011, at 2 p.m. Prices may have changed.

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