Best excuses after being pulled over

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If you recall, when we first launched the blog we asked readers what they wanted to see in the blog, and I have since revisited several of those ideas. Today's entry in the series: crazy excuses given to cops to get out of a ticket. I combed the internet for some good ones.

  • Offense: speeding. "I just got my brakes repaired, and I didn't want to wear them down!"
  • Offense: speeding. “I was trying to impress my girlfriend.”
  • Offense: speeding. "I really have to go to the bathroom.”
  • Offense: parking illegally. “I couldn't help it; I was hypnotized to park illegally.”
  • Offense: not stopping for the police. "I didn't see you back there because I've had a LOT to drink.”
  • Offense: speeding. “There was a bee flying around my head, and I was trying to outrun it.”
  • Offense: speeding. "I was going to be late for traffic school." Fail.
  • Offense: making an illegal turn. "Well, why don't you ever pull my husband over? He makes that turn every time we come to this mall. What are you, a chauvinist or something?"
  • Offense: speeding. "I was just driving with the flow of traffic, but the group I was with before got boring so I was trying to catch up to the next one."
  • Offense: speeding. "I'm sorry, officer, but I was in a real hurry to get into Mexico after robbing that bank."
  • Offense: speeding. "I'm an idiot."

What’s the best excuse you’ve ever used or heard someone else use to get out of a ticket? Did it work?