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The 2011 NBA Finals will tip off on Tuesday, May 31, at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL, as LeBron James and the Miami Heat play Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.

Larry O'Brien Trophy
Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy.

For many of the players who take the court during the Finals, this series could define how their careers are forever viewed. Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki and point guard Jason Kidd have combined to play 28 seasons in the NBA, making the All-Star team 20 of those seasons, but have never won a title. Winning a championship would cement their legacies in the league as two of the best to ever play their positions.

Game Date Venue Tickets Available Average Ticket Price
1 May 31 American Airlines Arena 1273 $1,155.53
2 June 2 American Airlines Arena 1339 $1,184.62
3 June 5 American Airlines Center 904 $954.08


All prices and ticket statistics are as of 5/27/2011 10:30 a.m. EDT. Prices may fluctuate based on market demand.


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