Most memorable Super Bowl halftime shows

Most memorable Super Bowl halftime shows

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On Monday it was announced that Madonna will be headlining the halftime show for this year's (well, 2012's) Super Bowl. As reactions and predictions started rolling in, I started thinking about the most memorable halftime shows in Super Bowl history.

Here are my top picks, in chronological order:

Michael Jackson, Super Bowl XXVII

Well, it’s Michael Jackson, so of COURSE it’s going to be a memorable halftime show. I'm sure the anticipation and buzz around this show was incredible, judging by the roar of the crowd. But what makes this performance particularly interesting is how he just kind of stands there for a full minute before turning his head…and then just stands there some more. Once he gets going, though, it’s clear why Jackson is the King of Pop.

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, Super Bowl XXXVIII

If you don’t know why this performance makes the list, then clearly you were living under a rock in 2004. The show was going great, until Justin reached over and managed to (apparently) expose one of Janet’s breasts, causing an enormous uproar; a giant fine for the broadcaster, CBS; a ban of MTV ever taking part in one of the halftime shows again; and tape delays for some shows. The video is not included here for obvious reasons.

Paul McCartney, Super Bowl XXXIX

The Beatles legend is one of the all-time Super Bowl halftime favorites, and for good reason. Paul rocks just as hard today as he did 40 years ago, and everyone seemed to agree that 2005 was no exception.

The Who, Super Bowl XLIV

I even remember this one, and I don’t usually watch the Super Bowl that closely. The Who rocked Sun Life Stadium with renditions of some of their most well known songs. The quality of the performance was hotly debated afterward by Who fans and non-fans alike, but no one can say people weren’t talking about it.

Black Eyed Peas, Super Bowl XLV

The most recent show is memorable not only because it is the most recent one that occurred, but also because a lot of people thought the show was terrible. Apparently BEP is not as good live as they are recorded.

Which halftime show is most memorable for you? Tell us in the comments!

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