Spring 2012 Broadway show predictions

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Now that we're into January, the infamous doldrums of Broadway theatre, a new set of shows is ready to take the stage on the Great White Way over the next few months. So I rounded up a few bloggers to get their predictions for the upcoming season...and then I threw mine in for good measure.

The Columnist: "John Lithgow stars in this play based on the life of Joseph Alsop, a famous columnist during the 1960s. John Lithgow has had some pretty big successes on Broadway, including two Tony Awards, so this should be pretty good." — me

Death of a Salesman: “Seeing the revival of a classic play is always a treat, but seeing it with an all-star cast is a rare delight. Death of a Salesman is returning to Broadway this year starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Andrew Garfield and John Glover. Their names, along with the popular play, will be sure to draw in audiences.” — Melissa Hall, Stage Write Indy

Evita: “This is another show that I'm looking forward to. Evita hasn't been revived on Broadway for awhile now and the stars attached, namely Ricky Martin could either make or break this revival. I have a feeling that this going to be a huge hit!” — Spencer Williams, The Broadway Critic

Ghost: The Musical: "This could be big, since it's based on an Academy Award-winning film and the creative team includes an Academy Award winner, a Tony Award winner and a multiple Grammy winner. It's been a big hit in London, as well, so my guess is NYC will love it." — me

Jesus Christ Superstar: "This show is a classic musical that's been revived many times, and there's a good reason for that. This particular production was a hit at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario and later in Los Angeles, so I'm guessing it will be great on Broadway." — me

Newsies: “Newsies should be a wonderful addition to this season’s Broadway lineup. The unique show tells the story of the Newsboy Strike of 1899. It initially failed as a 1992 feature film and then became a cult classic. Its huge fan base is the reason it was later turned into a musical. The fact that it is a limited run should encourage established fans to take advantage of this opportunity and go see the show.” — Melissa

"I saw Newsies at Papermill Playhouse, the out-of-town tryout of this production. Jeremy Jordan (Jack) is going to get rave reviews! I have a feeling that this show is going to be nominated for Best Musical and possibly win the Tony! Right now, it's only a limited run, but if it does well in the Tony Awards, then I'm positive that Disney and the rest of the producers will extend the run indefinitely." — Spencer

"I also saw Newsies in New Jersey, and it was awesome. Really hoping this has a long run on Broadway." — me

Nice Work If You Can Get It: "This is a new musical featuring lots of Gershwin hits plus Broadway stars like Matthew Broderick and Estelle Parsons. But it's still a risk compared to, say, already existing Gershwin musicals." — me

Once: “The new show I’m the most excited about this year is Once. Anyone who saw the independent film the musical is based on will understand how much potential this show has. The movie was filled with lovely original songs and a sweet story. Recapturing that magic with a talented cast will be the show’s biggest hurdle." — Melissa

"After a sold-out, hugely critical success Off-Broadway, Once is transferring to Broadway with a lot of positive buzz. They are going to be recording a CD that will be released at the beginning of their run. I'm super excited about this production as Once is one of my favorite movies of all time and based on what everyone is saying, this is going to be a huge hit." — Spencer

One Man, Two Guvnors: "I'd never heard of this until a few weeks ago, but apparently the English adaptation of an Italian comedy was a hit in England. So we'll have to see if it translates to America." — me

Rebecca: The Musical: “The fate of Rebecca seems a bit more unclear. The original story, by Daphne du Maurier, found success as an Alfred Hitchock film, but the decision to turn it into a musical was a daring one. I’m not sure that format will work well for this suspenseful tale.” — Melissa

"Rebecca, who? The only that this show has going for them is the incredible Sierra Boggess attached. If the material is good, then the show will be a success. If the book/music is mediocre, I don't think that even Sierra can save this mess, since Rebecca is not a house-hold name." — Spencer

Do you agree with these assessments? What show are you most looking forward to this Broadway season? Tell us in the comments! And for a complete list of current and upcoming Broadway shows, visit TicketNetwork's Broadway page.