Best and worst national anthem performances

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You probably heard the ruckus over Steven Tyler's rendition of the national anthem at the AFC Championship game on Sunday. He drew a lot of criticism and speculation that his performance may have been the worst in Star Spangled Banner history. So we decided to compile a list of memorable anthem performances, roughly in order from worst to best. Enjoy!

Rosanne Barr, San Diego Padres game

This has to be the most painful performance of the national anthem ever. I have a hard time watching it all the way through, with her screechy voice, laughing in the middle and just overall disrespect for everyone at that game. Not the best time to try and be a comedienne.

Carl Lewis, NBA game

Carl Lewis was an amazing Olympic runner, but singing is clearly not one of his strong suits. This clip shows the ESPN coverage, which mercifully includes only short clips of the performance. The best part is how the announcers can't keep a straight face.

Christina Aguilera, Super Bowl XLV

This is probably the worst performance in recent history. Christina flubs the lyrics and doesn't quite hit all the notes. Plus, this was at the Super Bowl. That just makes it 10 times worse.

Steven Tyler, AFC Championship game

We've already touched on this one, but it's just not pleasant to listen to. His screamy voice works great for Aerosmith songs, but not so much for the national anthem.

Natalie Gilbert, NBA game

This was a performance that started out poorly but turned into a heart-warming event. Natalie clearly has a great voice, but the 13-year-old was so nervous to perform at such a large event that she flubbed the words. As she started to get upset, coach Mo Cheeks joined in and helped with the words, and eventually the whole crowd joined in. One of the best performances on this list, in a way.

Marvin Gaye, NBA All Star Game

This is probably one of those controversial performances that could top the list for some people but belong at the bottom for others. Gaye reinterprets the anthem with his signature style and practically turns the basketball court into a concert arena. Do you love it or hate it?

Whitney Houston, Super Bowl XXV

This one tops the list by a long shot, and not just because it makes me cry. It's considered one of the best performances of all-time by many, and some have called it flawless. Watch and see for yourself.

Did we miss any memorable Star Spangled Banner performances? Do you agree with this list? Tell us in the comments!

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Tim said...

Whitney Houston's is really good, but I got to put Marvin Gaye as my favorite on the list. Who else could make the National Anthem as cool as he did?

January 25, 2012 at 11:57 AM