Super Bowl XLVI: The thing between all the great commercials

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When the New England Patriots and New York Giants meet each other for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, the world will be watching. Last year saw a record 111 million viewers tune in to the game between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, and many people think that number will be eclipsed this Sunday. Undoubtedly, the most asked question one week from today will be, "Did you see that game last night?!?"

For a lucky few, the answer to that question will be, "Yeah, I was there!"

Lucas Oil Stadium will be expanded to hold 68,000 for the Super Bowl (it normally seats 63,000 fans for Colts games) with most of the additional seating being for fans that won't really have a seat -- a.k.a. standing-room only. Even with the additional capacity, this year's game will have the lowest attendance of any Super Bowl venue of the last five years (see below), not because of a lack of interest, but because the stadium is just smaller. That means that tickets for the game are tougher to come by than in previous years.

Super Bowl Attendance

With a little under a week left before the big game, the average ticket price paid by NFL fans for a Super Bowl ticket is $3,032**. That is the highest since — you guessed it — the last time these two teams met in 2008, when the average price per ticket was $3,134. Before the game gets here, this year's price may eclipse that number, as the average has consistently grown over the past few days. Just over a week ago, it was $2,836, which means that the price has increased by nearly 7%.

People have hypothesized that hosting the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, IN, would be a detriment to fans that travel to the game because Indianapolis is not a destination city like Miami or New Orleans. It’s the first Super Bowl since 2006 that is in a cold-weather city and only the third game in Super Bowl history (not counting, of course, the snowstorm that hit Dallas last year). But the NFL has done a great job transforming the city into a place where any football fan would love to be.

NFL Tickets

While the early weather forecasts call for cold temperatures, the sun should be out and Indianapolis has gone all-out with festivities for the week. If you are traveling to Indy for the game, here are some useful links:

Have you ever been to the Super Bowl before? If you have, let us know about your experience in the comments section below!

**based on the average price of tickets sold on the TicketNetwork Exchange as of 1/31/2012 at 10 a.m. EST.