Best Super Bowl commercials of 2012

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Since Tim already posted about the thing that happens in between all the great Super Bowl commercials, it's time to determine which of those great commercials were the best of the year. After much deliberation (read: not as much as you'd think) we've come up with our top five Super Bowl XLVI commercials. Check out our picks and then let us know if you think we missed any.

Volkswagen: The Bark Side

This has been one of our favorites since before the Super Bowl, since a teaser was released a few weeks ago. My personal favorites are the Princess Leia and Chewbacca dogs, which add a whole new layer to the spot. Such a creative and cute (and catchy) commercial!

Honda: Matthew's Day Off

This was another ad that was teased before the big game, and I'm really impressed that they managed to get Matthew Broderick to revisit one of his most famous characters/plots decades later. Watch the full version at left.

Doritos: Man's Best Friend

Doritos has put together some epic Super Bowl commercials, often with the help of fans. This is another good one in their stash, with a blackmailing dog and a willing accomplice.

Acura: Transactions

Seems like a lot of car companies really nailed their Super Bowl ads this year. In this spot Jerry Seinfeld comes up with more and more ridiculous ways to bribe his way to the first Acura NSX. Hilarious.

E*Trade: Fatherhood

I'm always entertained by these commercials, and E*Trade kept their streak going with this one, about a new father trying to figure out how to pay for his child's future. The end is my favorite.

So what did you think of this year's batch of Super Bowl ads? Do you agree with this list? Tell us in the comments!

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Dani said...

E*Trade: Fatherhood was cute!

But I like the Bud commercial... Here Wego!!

February 6, 2012 at 1:03 PM