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Who would have thought that over a 12-month span we would see not one but TWO cultural phenomenons in Tim Tebow and now Jeremy Lin? Unlike Tebow, though, Lin literally came out of nowhere. No hype. No huge fan following. And if it weren't for a few injuries and a team with nothing to lose, Lin probably still wouldn't have had his chance to play. Now, Lin has taken over the NBA and popular culture as a whole in just a few short weeks.

Since Linsanity began on February 4, sales for Knicks games at Madison Square Garden have exploded on A little over 41% of all Knicks tickets purchased this season have come since Lin made his debut.

Percentage of Knicks Tickets Sold on Week vs. Week

There are multiple factors that have made Jeremy Lin such a fan favorite. First of all, nearly all sports fans, and even non-sports fans, love to root for the underdog. Lin was never given the chance to succeed in the NBA, having been cut by two teams in the last 12 months, and now he is a guy that is dominating players twice his size.

Secondly, he plays on basketball's biggest stage, New York City. No fans are as passionate (sometimes irrationally so) about their team than Knicks fans, and he is now the city's biggest star. People say race is not a big factor in his popularity, but while that may be true in the U.S., because of his Asian heritage his star power has reached around the world. He is so popular right now that his grandmother in Taiwan is getting stalked by paparazzi!

Lastly, while people love stars and celebrities, they love stars and celebrities that are also humble, and Jeremy Lin has to be one of the most humble athletes currently playing, as you can tell from the ESPN profile below.

Oh wait, I forgot maybe the most important quality Lin has that makes him a star…his name! What other name lends itself to puns as well as Lin? Here are some of my favorites: Lin-sane in the Membrane, Super Lin-tendo, Lin-ning and To Lin-finity and Beyond, to name a few.

Now that he is an international star, you can follow him on Twitter @jlin7 or visit his official page at If you want tickets, visit our New York Knicks ticket page to find an upcoming game to attend.