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After winning six awards at the Grammys on February 12, you might expect that Adele tickets sales would tick up. Or at least they would if she actually had an upcoming tour. But although she doesn't have a tour that's been announced yet, that didn't stop more than a 1000 people from wanting to find out when she would next have tickets on sale. That was the effect of Adele's good night at the Grammys: an 87% increase in the number of performer alert sign-ups on* during and the week after the ceremony compared to the week leading up to it.

Number of alert signups for Adele before, during, and after the Grammy Awards.

So what was the impact of the Grammys on the other artists who won an award? It turns out that other than Adele, there hasn't been a very significant boost in sales or alert-signups for any artist that won an award. For example, Best New Artist Bon Iver has only had a slight boost in orders on the TicketNetwork Exchange** compared to the week before the Grammys, and the same is true of other artists and bands like Skrillex, Lady Antebellum, Maná, and Alison Krauss.

The greatest boost was an 18% increase in orders for Maná and actually happened in the two days after the ceremony, but there is no solid evidence that the uptick was directly correlated with the win. It certainly didn't hurt, though. As for other artists who won but have no current tour, only Taylor Swift saw an increase in alert sign-ups, but only by a couple handfuls. So a Grammy win doesn't necessarily mean that the artist sees an increase in fan interest for concert tickets. At least, not unless they're Adele.

That got me thinking, though, that Adele did something else that no other winning artist did: she performed. So I thought that maybe it wasn't so much the big wins, but her performance that led to the increase in alert signups. After all, it's one thing for the Academy to tell an artist they're good; it's another for them to show it, and Adele did that in spades during her performance. Sadly, though, it's not true in most cases.

That's because almost every artist who performed and is currently on or has a tour coming up not only didn't have an increase in orders, they actually all had a decrease in orders. Only Jason Aldean saw a 42% increase in orders during the following week. However, most of this was due to the onsale the following weekend for his May 19 concert in Atlanta. Conversely, all the artists who performed but don't have an upcoming tour saw an increase in alert sign-ups, but only a handful each.

So after much research I must conclude that most artists winning a Grammy Award, or performing at the Grammys, won't end up with a lot more people looking for tickets. Not in the same way that album sales increased for some of the winners, anyway. Again, not unless they're Adele, and in her case it was probably a combination of repaired vocal cords, a great performance, and six awards generating a perfect storm of fan interest.

On that note: Hey, Adele, you have at least 1000 people that want you to tour again. Might be time to schedule some dates?

**Data from the TicketNetwork Exchange is as of 2/24/2012 at 1:00 p.m.