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Photo by exousia.etsy at Flickr
Photo by exousia.etsy at Flickr

In the contest post, Tim wrote that fanny packs are useful, stylish, and just plain cool. There are so many benefits to them that they need an entire post just to host them. So here are five reasons why fanny packs are so cool:

Hands-free storage

So you have a bunch of things you need to lug around. What do you do? Well, if you're a woman, you might have a purse, but maybe you want something that you don't have to carry. Or maybe you're a guy, for whom a purse is even more of social no no than a fanny pack. So the pack offers an alternative to something that can easily be misplaced or stolen and, for some people, the only option they really have.

They come in any color and many fabrics

Considering a fanny pack but need it in a certain color or of a certain fabric? Well, never fear, because fanny packs come in many colors. They also are made with many fabrics, including leather. Want to really express yourself? Again, fanny packs come to the rescue, with some featuring multiple colors (see the photo above).

A great place to keep important documents

Everybody knows have much of a pain it is to get through airport security these days. You have to remove all your belongings and take off your shoes, and place them in a bin, and you never want to be that person who's holding up the line. And that's after showing the security officer your boarding pass and ID a few feet before.

It gets even crazier when you're traveling out of country, because then you need your passport. So rather than potentially losing something in the midst of all that hassle, why not just throw it into your fanny pack? Then it's all there, safe and sound, once it's on the other side.

No back strain like with backpacks

Backpacks are sometimes just a pain. They're large, first of all, but more importantly, they can cause severe back pain over time when filled with heavy items. Backpacks can be adjusted to displace the weight, but all you're doing is moving the strain to another part of your back. Fanny packs are situated lower and are smaller, and can even be worn on the side, so you can avoid strain below your back.

Used by famous figures

Celebrities and other famous people often set long-standing precedents. Many of the most widespread styles of clothing and hair have popped up because someone famous did it first. If a famous person is employing a certain fashion it must be cool, right? The same is true for fanny packs. Check back tomorrow for a post about famous people who were light years ahead of the rest of us in adopting the fanny pack.

Why do you think fanny packs are so cool? Be sure to let us know in the contest post for a chance to win a fully-loaded fanny pack!

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