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Throughout this week, you will see lots of fanny pack-related posts about why they're awesome and who's wearing them today as we continue our Bring Back the Pack contest (to enter, click here). But did you know that fanny packs have been around for centuries? We dug through the archives and found photographic evidence (paintings count, too) that some of history's greatest figures utilized the ingenius invention that is the fanny pack.

Joan of Arc in a fanny pack

Joan of Arc

The first recorded use of the fanny pack was in 1430, when now-Saint Joan of Arc was leading the French Army to victory during the Hundred Years' War. Records show she stored important keepsakes in her fanny pack; how was she supposed to hold on to them and wield weapons at the same time?

George Washington

Here we see Washington crossing the Delaware on his way to the Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War in 1776. Rumor has it that Washington kept a spare set of wooden teeth and a copy of the Declaration of Independence in his fanny pack until his death in 1799.The fanny pack has been removed from most copies of the painting for unknown reasons. We're pretty sure everyone else was just jealous.
Washington Crossing the Delaware in a fanny pack
Napoleon in a fanny pack


Always at the forefront of French fashion, Napoleon had his own version of Bring Back the Pack in 1812, as pictured here. After all, he figured, it was Frenchwoman Joan of Arc that started the trend in the first place. And thus the Fanny Pack Revolution was born.

Von Trapp Family

At right you see a cut scene from The Sound of Music, which portrayed the life of the Von Trapp Family. During filming, the cast wore fanny packs at all times to reflect the family's real-life usage of the utilitarian accessory. It was later decided that the fanny packs' sheer awesomeness would be too distracting, and they were removed for the final cut.
Von Trapp Family in fanny packs
Jimi Hendrix in a fanny pack

Jimi Hendrix

No fanny pack history would be complete without Woodstock, and at left you see just how popular they were during that famous music festival. I would guess they held very similar things to what our fully loaded fanny pack contains: sunscreen, lotion, bandages, and other festival essentials.


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Oprah in a fanny pack

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