Bring Back the Pack: Using your fanny pack at a festival

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As you ought to know by now, the grand prize for the Bring Back the Pack contest is a fanny pack with a fully-loaded music festival survival kit (if you didn't know, click here to enter!). The festival season is coming up quickly, so soon many people will need a place to put all the essentials, and what better way than a fanny pack? I myself am heading to Bonnaroo this summer, so I too will be stocking up a lot of things to get myself through the weekend. Keep reading to see what you should bring, and how a fanny pack will help you keep it all organized.


Coachella is in April, so it seems like a false sense of security could be established in the "ahh, it won't be so bad!" variety, particularly if you're from the cold northern states or from the Californian coast. Dates can be deceiving, however. During the last Coachella, the temperature pushed 100 degrees every day. And with high temps comes dehydration. So be sure to always carry water around with you wherever you go. You can try to find some of those short water bottles. They'll fit in the big pocket of even some of the smallest fanny packs. However, you should probably go with a bigger supply than even that, in which case you may want to try for an aqua fanny pack, as described here.


Along with dehydration, a festival-goer can expect high levels of UV radiation. So sunscreen is an absolute requirement, unless you plan to wince every time you take a shower. Get a travel-sized bottle and apply often. Keep the sunscreen in a separate pocket, if possible. You don't want the bottle to get the sunscreen everywhere if it's accidentally opened while grooving.


You might be starting to detect a pattern here. Like the previous two items, sunglasses also provide protection: for your eyes. But more than that, sunglasses are simply cool to wear just about anywhere during the summer. They probably won't be in your fanny pack much, but try to keep them in a separate area to protect them, if possible.


While it's highly unlikely you'll need some of these, it helps to be prepared in case you hit your hand with a mallet while setting up your tent or something (if you're going to a place like Coachella or Bonnaroo). There are places to go for first aid, but in a pinch, pack some bandages.


Ever wanted to get that much-needed signature from your favorite artist or band? Now you can! Pack a notebook and go get star-struck. Failing (or in addition to) that, you can use it to get some phone numbers (or Facebook usernames) for some of the people you meet at the festival.


How do you expect to get artists to give you their signatures if you don't have something with which they can write? Don't expect them to scrounge around for a writing implement; bring it yourself. Keep in a place that's ready accessible at a moment's notice.


At a festival, or any concert, really, you're limited as to what kind of cameras you can bring in, but many of them will allow point-and-shoots. Of course, the crazy kids now-a-days just use their phones, but if you're at a place that lacks access to electrical outlets, saving your battery will be key, so you might think about bringing a separate device.


As someone whose hands start falling apart when exposed to dry heat, I understand the necessity of having a decent moisturizer, or otherwise I'll be miserable. Bring a small tube of the good stuff, so you don't have to keep re-applying it 30 times an hour. Same goes for lip balm.

Hand sanitizer

At a festival you're going to come into contact with a lot of people, so cleanliness will be key. It won't always be easy to get to a bathroom while you're out and about, so pack some of this to use when necessary.

There are most certainly things that we missed. Any tips? Let us know in the comments!