Will excitement over Peyton Manning match Tebowmania?

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Welcome Peyton!

Now that the world knows that Peyton Manning is taking his talents to Mile High, the Denver Broncos are among the NFL's serious contenders to win the Super Bowl come next February. Excitement in Denver is growing by the moment, and you can bet when #18 Manning jerseys are available for purchase they will quickly jump to the top of best-selling jerseys in the NFL.

It's crazy to think that just a few months ago, Denver was completely taken over by the heroics of quarterback Tim Tebow, who led the Broncos to the playoffs after the team started 1-4 without him. Now he is the odd man out and although Tebow was the biggest NFL story of 2011, nothing matches the promise of winning a Super Bowl.

When Peyton Manning takes to the field in 2012, the hype and expectations that Manning will bring will make "Tebowmania" an afterthought.

Tickets for the upcoming season are not on sale yet, but you can bet that they will sell out quickly when they do. Last season, tickets on the TicketNetwork Exchange averaged $149 each for Broncos home games started by Tim Tebow. When tickets for this year become available, that number will most certainly go up.

Don't feel too bad for Tim Tebow, though; he is still going to be a major story and a major ticket attraction next season. The Broncos have already implied that they will be trading Tebow, and among the rumored teams they're considering is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars struggled every week to sell tickets to their home games and would benefit greatly business-wise from the addition of Tebow, who is idolized in the state of Florida, where he won two National Championships at the University of Florida.

Many have seemingly already forgot how amazing Tebow was last year; as a pro-Tebowmania advocate, check out the video below to refresh your memory:

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Tim@MonsterTrucksHQ said...

Yes.... Payton is a great quarterback, but can he play for 1 or more years. This is a major gamble for Denver since Payton can get hurt easily. With the videos showing Payton during the press conference in Denver, he does not move freely and one of his shoulders looks like it is in a lot of pain.

My guess is that Denver will have a loosing season this year because Payton will not be able to freely move and through the ball.


March 23, 2012 at 5:07 PM