These funny Bruins commercials will make you a Bruins fan

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The reigning Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins are still in the thick of defending their championship (or have been eliminated, depending on when you are reading this), but one thing they will not ever be beaten at is making hilarious commercials and advertisements. The star of these ads is perhaps the most underrated mascot is sports, known simply as Bear. Name me another mascot that is funny, intimidating and lovable...YOU CAN'T!

The commercials below came out last season, so yes I am a little late to the party, but these definitely stand the test of time. I have seen them too many times to count and they never cease to make me laugh. As a casual hockey fan, it makes me want to watch more Bruins hockey games. This season the genius Bruins marketing department are back with a 70's style sitcom called "Bear & The Gang" and, once again, they are awesome.

Having said that, nothing beats the commercials from last season. Check them out and you'll find it hard not to be a Bruins fan afterwards:


This was the first one of these ads that I saw and it remains my favorite. That guy really should have known better.

Obey the Restroom Code

From a young age, people learn not to cut in line. Unfortunately for this dude, he forgot. Luckily for us, Bear reminded him.

Never Leave Early - Escalator

These people drive me nuts, too. You paid good money for tickets to the game, why would you leave early? That message spans the sports world.

Hang Up

Another pet peeve for many diehard sports fans. There is nothing worse than trying to watch the game with someone talking on the phone next to you. Hang it up or Bear will hang you up!

Never Tuck-In

The dude in this commercial cracks me up. I have totally seen guys like that around arenas before and they walk with a swagger like no other. It's almost as bad as guys who wear button-up dress shirts under their jerseys.


Thank goodness I have never come across anyone like this before because I would want to take the same approach that Bear did. Well done, Bear, well done.

Time for a Victory Dance

Now that we have all enjoyed the commercials, there is nothing left to do but enjoy a nice victory dance.

Which of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.