Memories: Erin's Story

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All this week, the TN Team Blog is celebrating Mother's Day by sharing our staff's stories of events they attended with their mothers. To share your own story and enter for a chance to win $75 in assorted gift cards, head over to the Awesome Mom Contest blog entry.

My Memory

Growing up, I was more of a "wild child," so getting me to sit still at an event for one or two hours wasn't really an option for my poor mother.

Though we don't have any memories of going to concerts or sporting events together when I was a child, I do have TONS of memories of my mom bringing me to The Lutz Museum, a local children's museum, and Wickham Park, an amazing park in my hometown that includes multiple playscapes, trails, and even a small zoo.

Now that I've grown up and I can handle sitting still (most of the time), my mom and I have a great time seeing productions such as Wicked and Cirque du Soleil when they are playing in our area! We love to have girls' nights, where we can grab dinner out and then go see a show.

See, it's never too late to start going to the theater with your mom! I can't wait for our next adventure — we want to see Blue Man Group!

My Mother Recommends:

Wicked [View tickets]
• Cirque du Soleil [View tickets]
• Blue Man Group [View tickets]

...for striking visuals and music!

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