Happy Mother's Day! (You didn't forget, did you?)

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Ah, Mother's Day. The one day we set aside each year to recognize the incredible sacrifices our mothers have made for us...and to apologize for all of the grief we gave them along the way. Wait a minute.... You didn't forget that today is Mother's Day, did you?

OK, don't panic. It's not too late to show her you care. Forget the last-minute bouquet (she'll know it came from the gas station down the street — mother's intuition) and instead try one of these thoughtful, unique, and incredibly last-minute ways to say: "Thanks for everything you do, Mom!"

1. Write a heartfelt letter.

Cynics may see this as the "Oops, I forgot about Mother's Day until five minutes ago!" confession that it is. But whether written by a 4-year-old or a 40-year-old, this sincere display of affection is guaranteed to melt a mother's heart...even if it doesn't get you completely off the hook for forgetting her special day.

Alternative: Not one for words? Try a haiku:

Mom — kind, forgiving.
(Broke that antique vase, sorry.)
Happy Mother's Day!

2. Serve breakfast in bed.

Rise and shine, Mom! Start her day off right with a serving of French toast, a bowl of fresh fruit and granola, or (for the kitchen-challenged) toast-and-jam with a tall glass of OJ. It doesn't have to be fancy for her to get the message. (So unless your name is "Emeril," you can forget the soufflé.)

Extra Credit: Keep the good will flowing, and clean the kitchen when you're done.

3. Shhh! It's quiet time....

Mothers put up with a lot of noise during the day, whether it's the tantrums of their tinier tots, or the late-night guitar solos of the family's adolescent rock star. Soothe her rattled nerves, and give her an IOU for an afternoon of peace and quiet. Or you could go a different route and...

4. Stage an at-home concert.

"I got rhythm, I got music, I got my mom — who could ask for anything more?" Pour your creative energy into a song written and performed just for dear ol' Mum. Have some extra time on your hands? Construct a shoebox guitar or pot-and-pan drum kit to help your tune reach its full potential.

5. Plan a family movie night.

When was the last time you gathered around to watch one of Mom's favorite flicks? C'mon, what's a measly two hours — or four, if she insists on screening Gone with the Wind — where Mom's happiness is concerned? Besides, she was probably in labor a lot longer than Gone with the Wind twice over. You owe her.

6. Make a macaroni necklace / dinner.

What do you get the mother who has everything? A piece of funky, custom-made jewelry...crafted out of macaroni. While a regular fashionista may balk at the word "macaroni," a fashionista mama will understand the power of the noodle when used in arts & crafts. Even if she's not a fan of wearing pasta, just throw it into some boiling water and — blammo! — Mother's Day dinner.

7. Take her to a show!

Event tickets (announced with a lovely gift note) will let her know you care today, even if the event of her choice is weeks or months away. Need ideas? TicketNetwork.com has already prepared a whole slew of Mother's Day gift ideas for you. So whether you're scrambling for gift options today or getting a head start on next year's celebrations (hint: Sunday, May 12, 2013), we've got you covered.