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If ever there was a story in star power, it is Justin Bieber. In 10 short days he managed to climb his way to the top of the Top 10 list, and he has a decent shot of being the top seller for June as well. Interestingly, it was a pretty close race, and American Idol Live nearly claimed the crown, but in the end more fans came out for Bieber. It doesn't hurt that it's been more than a year since he toured North America

Then there is One Direction. Last month, the exit question was, "Can One Direction keep up the pace, or will they also begin dropping down on the list?" As it turns out, yes, they began to fall down the list. It wasn't for lack of popularity, though. It happens almost every time a band first sells tickets for a tour. After the initial excitement for the tour dies down, and the first round of ticket purchases happens, the band sells fewer tickets in any given week. Depending on the band's ability to attract people to their concerts, they might fall off the radar completely, but One Direction will likely remain a top-selling act for some time to come.

Meanwhile, the Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan and Big Time Rush tours have held a spot on the list for three months running, and Jimmy Buffett is still attracting lots of people to paradise. There are also some notable newcomers to the list, including Carrie Underwood and Leonard Cohen.

Here's the full Concert Top 10 list for May*: (Click artist's name to view tickets)

  1. Justin Bieber
  2. American Idols Live!
  3. Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan
  4. One Direction
  5. Jimmy Buffett
  6. Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw
  7. Big Time Rush
  8. Leonard Cohen
  9. Roger Waters
  10. Carrie Underwood

I guess this month's question is much the same as last month's: Can the Believe Tour hold on to its top spot? What do you think?

* As of 5/4/2012 2:00 p.m. EDT. Top 10 list is ranked based by the number of tickets sold on