Father's Day Reflections: Erin's Story

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This week, the TN Team Blog is celebrating Father's Day by sharing our staff's stories of events they attended with their dads. Want to make your own memories? Check out our Father's Day Gift Ideas Guide for a hand-picked selection of events that Dad is sure to enjoy!

My Memory

Growing up, my dad and I got to spend a lot of time together going to events!

As a kid, he brought me to the circus; to major league, minor league and Cape Cod league baseball games; and to figure skating shows. I'll never forget seeing Oksana Baiul in the famous Swan Lake performance, figure skating duo Ekaterina Gordeeva and the late Sergei Grinkov, or Surya Bonaly and Brian Boitano doing back-flips on the ice!

All of those memories are great, my favorite event to attend with my dad is Tom Petty concerts! We have gone together three times now, and I think we are both secretly hoping that Petty adds more U.S. tour dates, including a show in Hartford this summer!

We go to the concert and hang out for a while tailgating then go in and sit on the lawn and enjoy the classic tunes of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. It's really fun to know that, even though we are a generation apart, we do still have some of the same tastes. We have so much fun, and given the choice between going with my dad or anyone else, I'd choose him every time!

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